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Feeling Tired All The Time?

If you find yourself feeling tired more often than not, it’s time to step back and see what you can do about it. If you are among those who find getting up and going to work a pain in morning and feel tired even after a night’s sleep, here are simple ways to beat your fatigue.

Check Your Essential Vitamins and Keep Under Check

  • Vitamin B12 deficiency is extremely common. Almost 85% of people suffer from B12 deficiency. Vitamin B12, if low in number, especially is associated with being tired as its function for maintenance of nervous system Formation & repairing of red blood cells, Synthesis of DNA molecules.
  • Ensure to correct the deficiency as soon as possible by taking supplementation. Check vitamin B12 and D3 once in 6 months.

Change The Diet

Eating smaller meals throughout the day will go a long way in ensuring that you never binge. What you eat can have huge impact on how you feel. A healthy balanced diet will make sure that you don’t feel sluggish. Don’t skip breakfast, this means you start your day on low energy. It will make you feel tired by lunch time. Also, ensure that you eat adequate carbohydrates. This will keep your blood sugar level stable and in turn, keep fatigue at bay.

Don’t Be In A Rush All The Time

For a lot of people, even 24 hours of a day may not seem enough to get all their work done. If you are among those who are always on the go, you need to slow down. Stop being so tough to yourself all your life. Have a balanced lifestyle which includes work, family and some “me time” as well. When you slow down, you will also discover that you are more efficient.

Exercise Often

Although you will feel too tired at times, push yourself to be physically active. Exercising regularly is an excellent way to boost energy levels and keep fatigue at bay. Whether you prefer walking, cycling, swimming, dancing or aerobics, pick up activity of your choice and stick to it.

Don’t Get Dehydrated

It’s important to remember that you need to replenish your body with water at regular interval, when you don’t drink enough water, your body gets dehydrated and this leads to tiredness, both physically and mentally. Whether you have desk job or a job to run around, or even if you don’t work, make sure you keep bottle of water with you at hand and keep sipping it.

Breathing Exercise

Every morning, keep 15 minutes aside for breathing exercise. While you keep breathing, pay attention to your breath, step out of your office during lunch hour to break monotony of working in a closed environment all morning.

Get Enough Sleep

Are you getting enough sleep? If you are among those who just sleep for a few hours daily and then catch up on their sleep by sleeping all weekend, stop immediately. Staying up late won’t help you feel better the next day. Try to go to bed earlier than usual and make it a habit to sleep routine hours. This will help you get adequate sleep and feel fresh in the morning.

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