being feminist

Being Feminist

These days a woman who puts forth her thoughts is termed as a Feminist, a woman who is careerist is termed as a Feminist, any woman who is angry on a man is termed as Feminist. Not only that but many women think of themselves as a Feminist without knowing it’s true meaning. It’s a sort of a trend for women to call themselves feminists. I came across a site called as and I read a tagline there which is according to me what feminism is, the tagline was ‘Imagine we are linked and not ranked’. Feminism is respecting a woman for who she is, maybe she is a MBA graduate and still prefers to be a housewife that doesn’t make her less of a “modern woman”. Feminism is about respecting a woman’s choices her Sanctity, her Virtue, her Freedom. Here are few Important features of Feminism which the “so-called” feminists don’t know:


It is defined as an organized moment which fights to give equal rights to women socially, politically and economically. It involves philosophies concerning gender issues, such as discrimination and biases.


Feminist moment was divided into three waves; First wave was in nineteenth and early twentieth century which was mostly about equal property rights, chattel marriages, ownership of married women by their husbands and against suffering of women. Second wave refers to feminists activity in early 1960’s till late 1980’s, which was mostly about fight against gender inequality. The third wave began in 1990’s which focused on responding to the failures in the second wave.

-Types of feminism

Liberal Feminism is a theory which focuses on women’s ability to maintain their equality through their own actions and choices. Radical Feminism is a theory which focuses on the hypothesis of patriarchy as a system of power that organizes society into a complex of relationships based on the assertion that male supremacy oppresses women. Marxist and Socialist Feminism is an argument for the role of capitalism in the oppression of women, Cultural Feminism branch of radical feminism which talks about undervalued female attributes , Eco-Feminism a philosophy which links ecology to feminism.

-It is not only for females

Many males are alleged for having more of a female attributes and are often teased for being so. A man who cries is teased by saying are you a girl to cry; often men have to suppress their emotions because it is what girls do, and it is termed to be a sign of weak. Feminism is a fight against such biases.

Remember ladies, feminism is not ‘anti-male’ policy; it is about gaining the long oppressed freedom of women and helping such females. And while doing this, we must remember that all males are not programmed to oppress you, molest you or rape you. It is a fight against a mentality which thinks females or feminine attributes are sign of weakness. It is about recognizing your strength and fight for your own rights, with help or rationality.

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