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Fiama Gel Bathing Bars – For an ultimate bathing experience! Show your skin some love with Fiama Gel Bars!

Dive into the world of luxury bathing with the Fiama gel bars and discover an ultimate bathing experience.

A good long warm bath with a refreshing soap is what makes us forget all the hassles of our day! It’s magical how a good bath can help soothe us, make us forget all our worries, relieve stress and make us feel refreshed every time. And isn’t this exactly what we women need after juggling between home, work, and kids, especially during these days.

With our life completely in a turmoil amidst work-from home, online schooling, cooking, and no outdoor stress-relieving activities, we definitely need a way to unwind and relax to continue with our everyday chores. Although we are known for our multi-tasking skills and have a solution to almost every question thrown at us, we still need some relaxed ‘Me-time’ where we can unwind after a tiresome day. With the global pandemic disrupting our daily lives, and most of us locked inside our homes for a long, long time, the only way to relax and relieve our stress is to enjoy a warm bath with a revolutionary soap that has the goodness of natural ingredients that are known for uplifting your mood, de-stressing and also making your skin feel supple and rejuvenated.  And this is exactly why the Fiama gel bars have gained great appreciation for their unique properties.

What makes Fiama Gel Bars special?

Everything about these gel bars are unique. Right from their gel form, uplifting fragrance, natural exotic ingredients, stress-relieving effect, colorful appearance, and so much more, Fiama gel bars offer you everything. Let’s take a brief look at all the special features offered by the Fiama gel bars.

  • Revolutionary: The gel form moisturizes your skin, leaving it soft and supple throughout the day. Unlike all the other soap bars, Fiama is a gel bar that doesn’t include harmful ingredients that otherwise makes your skin rough and dry.
  • Includes Goodness of exotic natural ingredients: These gel bars have the goodness of exotic natural ingredients that are known for their great effect on your skin. Also, due to their natural goodness, these gel bars are known to alleviate your mood and de-stress you.
  • Great for your skin: Crafted with the goodness of natural ingredients, these gel bars have a great effect on your skin. They leave your skin absolutely soft with good fragrance.
  • Mood Uplifting: The gel bars are colorful and fragrant and easily uplift your mood by relieving all your day-to-day stresses. They are packaged with care in bright colored boxes that lure your attention.
  • Affordable: Although they are filled with exotic natural ingredients, these gel bars come at a very affordable cost. So, unlike all other luxury brands and products, they do not put a hole in your pocket.
  • Variety: Fiama gel bars comes in 4 different variants at just Rs 99 (75g) and is easily available at your nearby stores. You can also get a bigger celebration pack online with 5 different variants at just Rs. 259 (125g). With  Fiama, you also get the chance to choose the gel bars based on your skin type, your requirements and your preferences.

Fiama offers you these gel bars in the given varieties: Orange gel bar (made out of avocado and peach fruits); Purple gel bar (made out of bearberry and blackcurrant fruits); Green gel bar (made out of jojoba oil and lemongrass) and the pink gel bar (Macadamia nuts and Patchouli flowers).

Now that you know about these beautiful Fiama gel bars, which one are you going to choose to refresh your skin  and enjoy a luxurious bath?

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