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Fight For Justice – Will Bitiya Win Her Fight Against Her Rapists??

I often wonder, what makes a human brain go blank? What makes a human commit crime which they are aware is cruel and inhuman? Does a part of their heart and brain stop working while the crime is being committed? I won’t call it inhuman, because animals only attack on account of fear and hunger! It appears, humans will never understand the reality that caste-creed-religion are not god given neither directed, crimes based on identity is the most downgraded thing one can do! One of its victim is Bitiya a dalit girl, who was raped by four upper caste men.

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In 2012, Bitiya was not only raped, but was also dragged in an act made public. Four men forcefully raped her one after the other, they also took the entire footage and sold the clip in a local video store. Already suffering the trauma of rape, Bitiya was further threatened with the life of her brother, by her rapists, forcing her to stay mute about the crime.

One day, her father bumped into a 15 year old boy who was caught watching porn. Bitiya’s father was shocked to see that the video featured his daughter, who was crying profusely while four men were having forceful sex with her. Ravaged he was, he immediately spoke to elders in village and also reached police station, but no one paid a damn. Instead, Bitiya was barred from school saying that she was “the wrong kind of girl and would affect other girls too.”

This cowardly act of villagers did not stop Bitiya, from fighting for justice. She rejoined school with the help of a few villagers and kept up with her fight. She lived in a village which had a mentality of blaming women for the crime but Bitiya dared people not to point finger at her. Through her vigorous fight, she was able to put the rapists behind the bars but were very quick out on a bail. Something so common in India.

Rape cases in India are dragged for years, Bitiya’s was no different! Her case is being dragged since 2012 and it has made the family live in terror. Bitiya’s brother never leaves the house, he cannot take a job or live a normal life. The fear was so arduous that, it took their father’s life in a heart attack.

Despite the losses, she did not give up. She attended every court hearings and bravely questioned Indian laws and system and spoke about the injustice done to her. In order to wrap off the case, Bitiya was offered an amount she never had imagined nor had ever seen in her life, Rupees 9,72,000/- She not only refused the money, but mentioned that, she wouldn’t accept any amount to sort the case out of court. All that she wanted was to put her rapists behind the bars.

Bitiya is still fighting for justice, her determination to fight has forced the rapists to sell some part of their land to constantly bail themselves out. The fighting spirit for justice and to punish her rapists have made the villagers believe that rape can lead to serious consequences and cannot be neglected.

We hope Indian courts would work on their lethargic law system and would give thousands of girls like Bitiya, their justice and reputation. We wish all the best and more prayers to victims around the world. Have faith and keep fighting!

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