Fighting Limiting Beliefs With Anupamaa Singh

Life is a mystery and it keeps getting us into different situations, some good and some extremely weird. Managing them is a true challenge that we have to face almost everyday. However, sometimes, we do silly things, unable to manage the situation properly and later promise never to do the mistake again. Also, sometimes we get depressed and say negative things to oneself. These emotions are termed as Limiting beliefs and you ought to be careful from them.

Here are 5 common limiting beliefs to be aware of.

1. It’s hopeless: For instance – ‘I will never be a good businessman as I have no business experience.’ Thoughts of such type make you depressive and think everything is impossible. Once you start thinking in such a manner, you won’t even try doing these things.

2. I’m helpless: For instance – ‘I will never be successful in my work as no one taught me the work.’ Sometimes we have a big task in front of us and have no idea how to manage it. In such conditions, you feel absolutely helpless.

3. It’s useless: For instance – ‘I don’t think I need to go to university for a degree as I won’t be able to make more money than I am now.’ When you have certain undesirable things around you, you start viewing them as useless.

4. I’m blameless: For instance – ‘I won’t get a promotion due to the bad economy.’ The best way to come out of problems is to blame the external situations. And once the external condition is over, you soon get another factor to blame for your condition or situation.

5. I’m worthless: For instance – ‘I don’t deserve the promotion because I am not that smart enough.’ Once you start thinking that you are worthless or simple undeserving, you yourself put blinders on your eyes. You stop noticing your positives and start thinking that you are absolutely worthless.

These limiting beliefs are extremely dangerous and can push you further back in life. Work out with me and unravel these limiting beliefs in you. Use ‘Emotional Freedom Techniques’ and see your life change for the good.

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