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How To Find Comfortable Shoes If You Have Flat Feet?

Even though having flat feet don’t have to put an end to your favorite high-heels adventures, to avoid potential discomfort and pain, your feet could use some extra love and care, and a pair of shoes designed to make them feel comfortable.

Flat feet occur when your arches are low or non-existent. They can be either hereditary or develop as a result of weak arches, injuries, system diseases, obesity or even appear during pregnancy. When flat feet are associated with overpronation, a way of walking during which your foot rolls inward towards the arch, they can cause pain and lead to different conditions and injuries, such as bunions, heel pain, and chronic lower back pain.

In most cases which are not severe and don’t require the help of a podiatrist, you can find your perfect-fit shoes online or in-store, as long as you pay attention that they have extra support and cushioning, as well as a slight heel for better shock absorption.

Here are some of the footwear options you might want to check out and consider.

Slip-On Walking Shoes

You can easily find a pair of slip-on walking shoes which your feet will enjoy, and which you can wear on any everyday occasion. These shoes are specially designed for walking purposes, so they usually come with advanced cushioning and provide extra support for flat feet. Their relaxed design is often combined with attractive colors, so you can choose whether you want them to be eye-catching or subtle, depending on your style. They are great to wear them with jeans and pants, but they can look good with a casual skirt too.

Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are usually a favorite item in any woman’s wardrobe – they come in various designs and colors so you can express your individuality and your style, and are very easy to match with both formal items such as cigarette trousers or skirts and casual outfits, such as jeans. When shopping for ankle boots for your flat feet, pay attention to their size and their width, and if you already have your favorite pair, think about providing your feet more support by inserting the best sof sole insoles for flat feet you can find in stores.


Skate Shoes

Specifically designed for skateboarding, skate shoes are very popular as ideal footwear for an everyday casual look. They can be found in all sorts of colors and designs and can be easily combined with casual clothes for almost any occasion. Skate shoes are usually designed to be stable and durable, which is perfect for people with wide flat feet, especially for those who tend to overpronate, as these shoes are much harder to deform. On the other side, they are not an exact match for your professional surroundings, so they are the best choice for other lifestyle activities.

Motion Control Sneakers

Motion control sneakers are designed especially to help you with your pronation, as they are built to correct your stride. They limit excessive foot motion and minimize the risk of getting injured, while, if you are into running, they can prevent the overuse of certain muscles. This type of shoes has firmer midsoles and less cushioning, so you may find them a bit uncomfortable at first, as well as a bit heavier than some other sneakers. They are recommended for people with a couple of extra pounds as well as those with overpronation, and they are excellent for some jogging around the block.


A pair of loafers is a perfect choice for your flat feet on more formal occasions, as they can be easily combined with a smart suit or a skirt.  Although they tend to look very slick, they can match your casual outfit too, so with a pair of gorgeous and colorful loafers, you can go for a pleasant stroll too. Look out for a wide-fit model with a slight heel and cushioned insole to get more shock absorption, stability, and extra support.



Sandals are the first choice for laid-back summer days, and with different types of materials and designs to choose from, you can easily fit them into every casual occasion. If you have flat feet issues and have a problem with overpronation, avoid standard sandals and especially flip-flops, as they don’t absorb shock,  and they provide no arch or lateral support. Look for the ones which are designed with flat-arched feet and overpronation in mind, with shock-absorbent footbands and extra arch support to avoid potential discomfort.


Cross-Training Shoes

For a more active lifestyle, you can find a comfortable fit for your flat feet among cross-training shoes. Even though they have flat bottoms, as they are used in various environments, some of the models with extra ankle support and cushioning can fit your needs too. Their heel area is often extra padded and materials such as rubber and gel are used to absorb the shock and stabilize the foot. They are a good option for your cross-training workouts, but if in more subtle colors, they can be a good choice for lifestyle activities too.

Ballet Flats

Ballet flats are a very popular alternative to high-heels shoes, as they are a more comfortable solution, which can be just as elegant. Coming in different colors designs and materials, they can be easily combined with dresses and skirts, as well as jeans and shorts. Still, for women with flat-arched feet, they are often a bad choice and can lead to pain and discomfort, unless they are of special, orthopedic design.

High Heels

People with flat feet should avoid wearing high-heel shoes for prolonged periods of time, as they risk different injuries, which is why they should limit their use to special occasions, but only if there is no other alternative. Even then, the heels should not be higher than two inches and your bag should be big enough for you to carry a pair of foldable flats, just in case.

Running Shoes

If you’re looking for some really comfortable running shoes for your flat feet issues, you might want to browse through the types which put more focus on stability. They usually have great responsive cushioning, and additional mid-foot support, and foam which provides stability to those who overpronate. Such shoes make a perfect choice for your active days if your flat feet issues are mild or moderate.

So, when shopping for your next pair of shoes, bear in mind that you need to keep your flat feet feel comfortable throughout the day, and check some of the tips for breaking in your new shoes and avoiding blisters.

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