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Find Out Your Sun Sign Typical Trait NOW!

Today is a world where everything is possible if we think. But still many of us look forward to Astrology to get the things rightly done. Do you know that, there are typical traits of women according to Sun Sign? Well! This might and might not fall under your personality. BUT you can always Check Out The Possibility. Lets see what your Astrological Sun Sign has to say about your personality!

Capricorn ( December 22 – January 19 )
Capricorn women is always dependable on someone she loves. She is not interested in gossips. They adopt to the traditions more likely as compared to other sun sign traits. These Women are excellent listeners. These women can never guide you wrong. She would always be the first person to take the hearts into her hands. They would hold tightly to their money. They are the most insecure among the other women sun sign.

This is to all the Gossip Honey Bees & proud dependent women who drape their personality according to the traditions and blends western thinking along with it. Also for the women who keeps on thinking at the back of her mind.

The basic traits are:
“He is just MINE”.
”Who the hell is she, talking to MY Guy”?
”Relax! I am Ready to Listen to your Story. Shoot.”

Aquarius ( January 20 – February 18 )
Aquarius women have a great power to conquer difficult task. They would always have a broad way of perception. They will never run from the responsibility. They are shy and stay out of emotional commitments. Its always an advice to keep up with the Aquarius women else they would be really difficult to handle.

This is to all the super Powerpuff girls who are sturdy & tom boyish.

The basic traits are:
“ I am a super power in myself. To hell with others”.
“Hey You! Come and get a piece of advice from me, it’s for free to buddies”.

Pieces ( February 19 – March 20)
The pieces women are secretive, lazy and sensual. They have deep emotional strength. They are like the still waters. She is the person who can make good connections with people. They can quickly escape from the tough situations. They are pacifist by nature. They are extremely sensitive.

This is to all the women keeping a Pandora’s box into their tummy. With all the secrets and what not.

The basic traits are:
“I better keep calm and be innocent”.
”Damn it! Someone please give me a call right now. I want to do a VANISHING ACT from this situation”.

Aries ( March 21 – April 20)
Women of Aries sun sign are very enthusiastic and eager to know things of their interest. They have good sense of adventure. They are very impulsive. They are natural born leader. Their insights are always optimistic. She is not a typical romantic chic. Rather enjoys driving cars at fast speed and can play juggling. They are exciting and chaotic at the same time.

This is to all the ladies who thinks that they are ‘Kings Of their kingdom’.

The basic traits are:
“ Yes! I can do it all of my OWN”.
”I go for hiking, I drive my car rashly and I can make you go NUTS as well”.
”Lets plan up trip to adventurous destination”.

Taurus ( April 21 – May 21 )
Taurus women are sweet and symbol of affection. They are persistent and stubborn. They look forward to limelight and fame. They have winning qualities. She loves security and always wants to be protected by someone. They are generous, tender and enjoys closeness.

This is to all the butterflies among the group of flowers.

The basic traits are:
“Oh yes! I am as sweet as a Sugar.
“Yay!! I won their heart”.
”Please! Please! Don’t leave me alone”.
”I want to be your BFF Always”.

Gemini ( May 22 – June 21 )
Gemini women are intriguing individuals. They are wild and unpredictable. They are the ones who fill the empty silence. They love to gather ideas and knowledge. They easily get bored out of the situations. They need constant communication and entertainment. They are open, witty and humorous. They are impulsive shoppers and desire pleasure.

This is to all the Drama Queens with big mouth. She wants all of them to join their bandwagon.

The basic Traits are:
“ Hey People Lets Shot! PARTY!!!
“What… You don’t know this? Silly!”
“Its Shopping Time – Woohoo”

Cancer ( June 22 – July 22)
Cancer women are strong willed, caring and sympathetic. They are intuitive and imaginative. They accept every role that you give it to her. They are most preferred women as far as marriage material women are concerned. They are art lovers. They go well children and animals.

This is to all the Motherly Figures & Over friendly women.

Their typical traits are :
“WOW! Such a pretty nail-paint”.
“Relax!Calm Down ! I am always there for you. “

“OMG! Such-a-Cute Baby.. Mwaah”.

Leo ( July 23 – August 23)
The Leo women have the brightest smile. They are creative and hot tempered. They are attention gainers. Their main focus is on love. They are loyal, lively and warm spirits. They are trendy and self confident.

This is to all the Style Divas among the bunch.

The typical trait is:
“Wait! I want a Selfie With Wide Smile. Say Cheese!”
“ Oh yes! I got the best clothing in my wardrobe”.

Virgo ( August 23 – September 23)
The Virgo women are charming, gentle and intelligent. They are the women with systematic approach and planned routine. They are dynamic individuals. They look forward to nothing less than perfection. When it comes to the wisdom they have strength and can be a wonderful partner. They always live up-to their expectations. She is rational, reliable and skeptical.

This is to all the “Female Albert Einstein”.

The typical traits are:
“ This is such-a-simple equation. Let ME solve it for you”.
“ Well! I can do this, I can do this and I can do this too.”
“ Hmmm…. Yes!.. Hmmm NO! NO ! HELP….

Libra ( September 24 – October 22)
Libra women are captivating, complete and have fair nature. They believe to live life with justice and balance. They have a natural skill to win arguments. They are cool, calm and organized. They are harmonious and prefers intellectual talks. They are more casual and easily approachable.

This is to all the Lawyer alike women in the group.

Their Traits are:
“PLZ Do not Argue. I am done”.
“I Believe in JUSTICE. Don’t Give me That Bull$#!t”.
“ You Are WRONG. My answer was more Reasonable”.

Scorpio ( October 23 – November 22)
The Scorpio women are impressive, mysterious and spiritual. They are sharp, tricky and controlling. They are bit of a complex individuals to handle. They have a powerful defense mechanism. They are brave and devoted. They can be your best friend or worst enemy.

This is to all the Magical Spellbound Chic from the group.

The basic traits are:
“ I Am Always Right”.
“ Did you Praise me for my Lipstick? Well! Its From MAC”.
“SShh… I Will never Ever! Ever ! Ever! Reveal this”.

Sagittarius ( November 23 – December 21)
Sagittarius women are faithful and idealistic. They lead their life on the principles of philosophy. They always look to be a better individuals . They are independent and emotional. They are resourceful and impatient.

This is to all the women who tend to be the ‘Ultimate Idol’ in the group.

The basic traits are:
“I eat, sleep,drink Philosophy”.
“Guys.. Just Chilxxx! I have it all with ME”.
”Yes! Would make it best the next time you see”.

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