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Fitness Myths Busted

Spot reducing a myth

It’s just not possible to “burn off” fat in one particular body part by exercising that area. You may do as many side lifts or as many crunches but the fat will remain there .Only a regular aerobic and strength exercise clubbed with a sensible diet get rid of that fat in that spot. So why do spot exercises? It is necessary as they strengthen and tone the specific muscles.

First is last out -is how the fat loss occurs. The first place we put on weight is on the lower body and it’s the last to go and the first place we lose weight is the face and neck and last to gain weight in this region.

Women should not strength train as they bulk up

A myth as strength training will not cause women to build muscle as women don’t have enough testosterone to develop large, bulky muscles. Weight training is the easiest and the quickest way to lose body fat and increase muscle definition. As women tend to have less bone and muscle mass compared to men they need to take care of what they’ve got. Women who weight train become stronger, toned and boost the metabolism. It also increases the bone density and prevents osteoporosis later in life.

No Pain, No Gain 

No pain, no gain is a myth and often people are mislead by their trainers and pushed to workout beyond their limits. Pain is your body signaling that something is wrong. If you feel real pain during a workout, you shouldn’t push past it .Slow down or stop you’re the workout immediately as probably you did something wrong. A slight level of discomfort may be seen during strength training which is quite normal. It’s OK to push yourself a bit, to tax your heart, lungs, muscles and bones but it has to be reasonable. Also some soreness is common for a first time exerciser, but if that continues then you are pushing way too hard.

 To Build Muscles, Eat High-Protein Foods

There is no scientific confirmation supporting the popular belief that to build muscles we require massive amounts of protein. A high intensity, powerful muscle contractions such as weight lifting is fueled by carbs and not protein. To build more muscles, you simply have to follow a good weight-training program and eat a well balanced diet consistently.

You can never get too much exercise  

A little is good; more must be better is lethal when applied to exercise. As too much exercise at any level of fitness is a serious problem. Over exercising can lead to injury and other physical and psychological problems. Over training burns you out and studies have shown that gentle to moderate exercise regimens provide as much benefit as vigorous exercise.

DIET TIP – Vitamin B2 is present in meat, green leafy veggies, low fat yogurt /milk it helps in converting proteins, carbohydrates, and fats into energy and repairing of body tissues.

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