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Flaunt Your Underarms Without Dark Skin Fear!

Dark underarms! Do they affect your self-esteem or depress you? Do they become a hindrance when you wear a sexy sleeveless dress? For most women, having a clean and light skinned underarms is an everyday problem. With underarm skin removal methods such as shaving, waxing and epilation leaving behind dark skin patches, having a fair toned underarm looks a bit difficult of a task. The dark skin of our underarms can be because of many reasons like major sweat issues, not regular waxing the area, using razor to clean the area etc.  But, there are a few methods, or should I say natural methods that can help you get rid of your dark underarm skin. They are effectual, but a little time consuming. All you have to do is have patience and follow the tips religiously.


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Few ways to treat the dark skin:

1. Lemon juice application:

Lemon & cow’s milk recipe: Take raw cow’s milk 1 tea spoon & add few drops of lemon to it. Apply this preparation to the under arm area & leave for 10-15 minutes then rinse with luke warm water.

Lemon has been known for its natural bleaching agent, which it contains. Applying the lemon juice to the required area is very beneficial to lighten it. One can use it after cleaning the under arm area with soap & water. One must apply the lemon juice in underarms & leave it for 10-15 minutes & then wash with plain water. One can do this process 2-4 times a week. As lemon causes dryness so one must use it judiciously as per the skin type.

2. Potato juice :

Potato also has a whitening effect on the skin which lightens the skin layer by layer. One can use a slice of potato & rub it on the desired area to lighten the skin tone.

3. UBTAN pack:

This is a mix of yogurt, lemon juice, turmeric powder, a pinch of besan to be applied over the area. One must leave it for 15-20 mins & then rinse with luke warm water.

4. Aloe Vera:

Applying aloe vera gel to the affected area also helps to lighten the dark patches & also aids in treating skin allergy & rashes, which at times are result of waxing, emulation etc.

5. Milk & Saffron:

Use saffron with raw milk pack on underarms & leave it overnight. It is a very good remedy to lighten the skin.

6. Exfoliation:

One must exfoliate that area with a homemade scrub of orange peel to keep the dead skin at bay.

Other Tips:

– Do not use deodorants directly on the skin

– Moisturize under arms area thoroughly.

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