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I guess nobody can enough talk about friends and friendship. May be at some point, people would not believe in love and it’s relationships but friendship is a relation that has lured almost every one. We grow up making friends from Day-1 we are admitted to school. Schools and Colleges become the major memory holders of life, as considerable part of our life we have spent here with our friends. Departing from them is one of the most painful thing to do. But then, we have Reunions, a time to Laugh, Cry, Hug, Share and Question all we have!

Recently, I received a WhatsApp Message from an unknown number. It was a beautiful video of honey bees returning to its hive…inviting me for a school reunion. I smiled broadly and clicked on the DP, I recognised my old friend from school who managed to get in touch with me. I immediately bombarded him with many questions in queue. I attended the Reunion and in the mood of rejoice could not stop myself sharing how one feels about Reunion on this Friendship Day.

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Back To The Old Days

If you are about to meet your friends after years then trust me it would be like, Aww… Aww, Oh My God! Eyes wide open with shock and questions streaming through your mind of course! Meeting your old friends will take you back to the old days. You will talk about how you met on first day of school, your favorite teachers, your bench scribbles, punishments together and of course the lists of crushes you had back in those days. If you are meeting one of your closest friends then please keep tissues along.

Though these days, the virtual world of Social Media keeps us connected, meeting them personally after years is altogether a different feeling.

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You Can’t Stop Talking and Smiling

You see friends coming in from door and all you do is, stare them a while and smile broadly as you have just recognized one of your old friend. Stare, Recognize, Hug, Introduce and don’t stop talking and smiling. Enough done? No not done! Not until the party is over! Not just smiling and talking, people with weak hearts can just not stop their tears. With so many things to say and listen, I should say I am one among these people.

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Confirming Past Future Plans

As young students in school and college, we all know what promises we boosted to be at certain post or level. Laughed much? I know, we all must have planned to be something in future but stand out something totally different today. This would create so many funny moments when we friends meet is something to cherish and bind in memories. Reunion is made for it, Make fun of each other and laugh out louder together.

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Also Try to Hide Yourself

Hmm, a sensitive title to be touched upon! Surely, back in our study period, we just don’t study sincerely. Did we? We made friends, we fought with them and we also have disappointed few and never apologised. Not to forget we also had few on our crush lists and only your close friends knew but not the apple of your eye. Imagine the person whose heart you broke, the person who is your bitter ex now is walking towards you and you try to be invisible!

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Spot Multiple Emotions

While still be in the Reunion Party, turn around and analyse the faces, you will definitely see the mixture of emotions that rules us. You would see your old friends laughing, hugging, some crying, complaining, angry and some cool bunch of friends always posing for cameras. While some are just eating, eating and eating. You would find some have lost themselves into dance and music. Isn’t this something which we rarely see and feel? Reunion has to be there for everyone, so that it is easy to gauge the depth of mixed emotions that particular day the air has.

Having just experienced the Reunion, you won’t believe I can write an entire chapter on this but I don’t wish to bore you. Instead you can either imagine how amazing your Reunion would be or you can actually organise one. Friendship doesn’t have to be spoken regularly nor friends have to meet in intervals, all it requires from you is maintaining the relationship through your heart from any corner of the world. After years without seeing each other friendship is : Abe Yaar, Kaisa Hai Tu?

Happy Friendship Day To Every Friend!

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