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Fun City Or Shame City? Special Girl Refused Entry By Manager

I would like to share an absolute horrific incident me, my wife and my 6 year old daughter under went at Oberoi Mall Goregaon.

Like every week we got Tiana to the mall and like always got her to the 3rd floor play area where she spends a good 1 hr. It is more like a therapy for her.

Today when we reached the play area we as usual greeted by a girl who asked us to wait for sometime as the Manager wanted to meet us. On his arrival the manager told us that Tiana cannot enter the playing area as the last time some parent had complained about her. On asking him the reason of complain we were told that ” children are getting scared looking at her coz she is a special child” i just couldn’t believe what he was saying. After having a heated arguement other parents joined in our favour and made sure Tiana could play. And to top it up the guy says ” Fine we shall allow her to play” as if he doing a favor on us.

What sort of culture are we living in? How dare he say that!!! I want to take this up very very strongly through social media and through the press. Does the moron even realize what shit he would have been if this was in the UAE, Europe or in US? These countries respect such kids and do as much possible they can for them. Its an absolute shame that we are living in this kid of culture where even young kids are not respected.

Request all to please forward this message to all your contacts.

By Neville Dhabhar


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