Gandhi’s India: 10 Facts That Prove We Have Changed For Better!

As an educator, for me the tangibles that herald change will always remain qualitative and perhaps not always defined as concrete models. My mantra in life has been – the process, more important than the outcome and the India that Gandhiji left behind is going to make him proud in many ways. A country so vast as ours, a country so rich in its heritage embracing the ways of a global world will need time and patience and the freedom we have and celebrate today as one of the leading democracies of the world is staggering. We have to be grateful as Indians.

1.I, for one am grateful as a Muslim girl married into a Brahmin Maharashtrian family with a son today who embraces the best of Hinduism and Islam and our families could not have been more open minded, tolerant and patient. This year in particular, while we will relive history that marked the 10th day of Muharram as significant milestone on the 12th of October, we celebrate Dussehra on the 11th and we adopt both with respect and dignity. And for me, the fact that two families embraced each others culture and values means that what Gandhiji’s fight achieved is this tolerance and appreciation and while discuss and debate the current developments across the border, our country has shaped its legacies in stories such as ours – through this freedom of choice.

2. So while Tolerance and Freedom is my first thought as I write about change, my second would have to be technology. It is heartening to watch my team in office and staff at home, reach out to family members left behind in their native villages in a minute and get updated and that is the progress our country has made thanks to the vision of industry men and political leaders and it is this technology that will enable more homes to be more educated and for us to have more value created in smaller towns – as the world does come closer because of this e reach!

3. Abdul Kalam saheb, a true admirer of the Gandhian way believed that as Indians we had to take the lead and create more contributors and leaders that take their place in global companies and the past two years have been tremendous as Indian origin professionals take charge of companies ahead of their American or European peers, which is reassuring for a country that was once a colony!!! These contributors have led to value creation which has its roots in our originality, creativity and trouble-shooting ability as Indians …. being one of the large populations in the world has its advantages.

4. Indian business houses are earning the tag of quality providers with a keen eye on innovation and cost effectiveness but Indian products are making it to the world stage as quality conscious suppliers which is impressive.

5. The Indian education system is undergoing a learning revolution and creating more opportunities for hands-on learning that is relevant and application based, and this progressive outlook in the way we shape young minds will ensure that our prospective leaders of tomorrow will lead this country to greater heights than what Gandhiji imagined.

6. Our society today is striving towards equality for men and women and the evidence of this is visible as more women are career minded, balanced work and home, more men are encouraging their sisters, wives and daughters to become educated and take to professions outside of the traditional ones and this is a wonderful era of revolution that Gandhiji would have enjoyed.

7. For me as an educator, to watch children innovate with ways and means to try and protect their Mother Earth, it is encouraging that not only the adult population is taking their responsibility seriously but also the younger generation is aware, and taking action.

8. The most exciting aspect of our world today as Indians is the entrepreneurial spirit and the growth of start-ups be it in the technology space or in allied industries, adding distinct value. As an entrepreneur myself, this country has given me the wings and ways to be able to live my dream. I save the best for last, as our country today, leads in care for the elders like no other and yes there will be those that claim that we are becoming too focused on our careers and leave the old to fend for themselves but ours is the largest democracy that continues to provide not only monetary but emotional support as well. After all, unless we care, this world cannot become a better place!

I started off saying that I was grateful for the space that we find ourselves today thanks to the efforts of our freedom fighters and I will end by saying … I am indebted!

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