Sunitha Krishnan

Gang Raped At 15 – Sunitha Krishnan And Her Fight Against Human Trafficking

How unbelievable is it? We crazily follow Bollywood and Hollywood stars and call them Heroes, whereas in reality it is just a dramatic scene shadowed by hundred men around ensuring that the scene goes right. But, what we tend to forget in our life is the act f acknowledging the real Heroes.

suntiha Krishnan 1She was just 15 when Sunitha was Gang raped by eight men. No, she did not cry her life into tears, She didn’t commit suicide or shied away from the public. Instead, Sunitha became the founder of ‘Prajwala’, a non government organisation which has saved almost 10,000 women who were forced into sex trafficking. Isn’t this a real Heroism? Sunitha Krishnan is a real Warrior.

She did not allow society to enforce an identity of ‘Rape Victim’. What defines her today is the unmatched courage she has to overcome all the shackles of past. The passion of social work was enlightened when she was 8 teaching dance to mentally challenged children; however it triggered after the rape incident.

While rescuing sex trafficking survivors, Sunitha has been attacked 14 times by the criminals one of which has given her a life time injury by impairing her right ear. Do you think she discontinued her passion to work for society? No, it did not harm her determination.

Listen to what she has to convey to the young Indian society:

 What are we thinking? Can’t we support Sunitha by saving women and children in need? Yes, we can. Let’s educate women, encourage them to fight back when needed. Spreading the word about right and wrong is also a help to society. Let’s participate! Cheers to Sunitha and her Courage! Cheers to Humanity!!

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