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Go Green And Stay Cool This Summer, At Your Home!

We all have to accept that Humans are the sole responsible reason for Global Warming or changing climatic conditions we now and then get to face. Collectively we all have to do a lot of things to pay off the damage and we have to begin from somewhere! And what could be more better than starting it from our own house?

Solar Panels or temperature regulating walls or sawing plants are just not the only things we should do but little changes at mass, which ultimately would be the reason of a change. Make your own house an example of the best eco-friendly house with these simple changes:

  1. Replace your incandescent light bulbs with compact Fluorescent lights (CFL).
  1. Use extension boards for multi purposes and by making sure to switching it off, we can save 15% of energy emission from our house.

Go green - Extention board

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  1. Unplug your TV, chargers whenever not in use. Make sure the switches are off!
  1. Let the sunlight enter your house, open the blinders or build a house that has enough natural light penetration – This will save upto 10% of energy.

Go green with sunlight

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  1. Use Bamboo tree in your flooring or any furniture, as it is the fastest growing tree and thus most eco-friendly.
  1. Stop peeking into your refrigerator, as it costs you around 1750 – 3500 INR every year, due to its energy emission.
  1. Select the appliances with higher ‘Energy Star Qualified’. Higher the good and lower the bad emission rates. 5 and 4 star appliances will help you save 10%-15% energy than other models.

Go green with home appliances

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  1. Compost the kitchen wastage utilizing the right method instructed by the experts – This will not only reduce the wastage but also helpful for greener land.
  1. Grow houseplants indoor and outdoors to keep a good level of Oxygen around the house. Grow all kind of herbs in your kitchen to make fresh and tasty food, likewise to get constant fresh air.

go green with kitchen herbs

Image Source:  cdn.decoist.com

  1. Save water – Make sure you do not waste even  a drop, close the taps once not required, check the leakages. Litres of water is wasted due to human carelessness.

With these small changes, sawing plants, using eco-friendly paints, managing the wastes etc will definitely help us save our own environment we live in. Try all the above this summer and note down their worthy effects that makes a happy world!

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