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Go Green With Ganesha

When we think of Ganpati or Ganesha, the first thing that strikes in our mind is – those dhinchaak lights and colorful decorations, the huge idols which are adorned with various accessories. The mouth watering delicacies can also not be overlooked when we are talking of Ganesh Chaturthi. Amidst all these fun loving things, we forget our responsibility towards environment. We forget that, the immersion of idols made from chemical materials affects the aquatic life as well as adds to the water pollution. This year, we believe it’s time for becoming eco- conscious. So here are some simple ways to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi in an eco- friendly way-

Make use of eco- friendly material: A group of ‘Green’ ladies as they term themselves to be make the idol out of Haldi (Turmeric) which is cent percent biodegradable. Ditch the idols made from chemical and say yes to the natural materials like coconut shells and natural colors. Your Ganpati Bappa after his immersion won’t feel sad that it’s because of him the fishes died!

Small is better: Bigger Ganesha won’t give you more blessings! Your rituals and emotions matter, not the size of your idol. Big idols will only take more time to dissolve in water and also cause traffic congestion. So, limit the size of your idol.

Energy consumption: Use more of CFL lights and become a helping hand in saving energy. The decorative lights consume lot of energy. One suggestion to make your lights creative is to wrap colored papers on the CFL’s. See how colorful it looks!

Colors for Rangoli: The colors from your kitchen would help you to make a very creative and environment friendly Rangoli. Go for turmeric, rice powder, henna and colored pulses. Avoid the artificial colors and if at all you use a few, reuse it the next year.

Noise is injurious: Playing ‘Sheela and Munni’ on loud speakers won’t give you more joy instead, the ambiance of festival should be calm and soothing so, go for classical tracks. See that there are people around who get affected by noise. Abide all the rules and limit the burning of crackers.

Say no to plastic: Do not litter the plastic plates and spoons around. Use the natural banana leaf to serve prasad. Carry your offerings in a cloth or jute bag which can be reused.

Public pandals can be less in number: More pandals, more energy and more noise. Consider this! Festivals are meant to unite people so have a huge Pandal for yourself as well as for your neighborhood instead of having various small ones.

Create your own immersion tank: If your idol is sweet and tiny, use your own bucket to immerse the deity. Using ponds, rivers and seas might cause health hazards and pollute the environment.

‘Ganpati bappa moriya, pudcha varshi laukariya’! Make sure you say this from your heart and abide by the few rules mentioned above to see your lord happy again next year. If you keep harming environment, there are high chances of god himself punishing you! So watch out!

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