Why Goa is An Exemplary Location for Destination Weddings in India?

Unquestionably, Goa is one of the most sought after travel destinations in the world. In recent times, it has also become one of the most sizzling hot places for destination weddings in India. Scintillating venues, stellar natural backdrops, and stunning beach destinations make Goa a perfect destination wedding hub among millennial couples.

However, what actually makes Goa a picture perfect destination to tie the wedding knot? According to a survey, more than 70% of the couples who plan to have a destination wedding opt Goa for getting hitched. In addition to that, there is no dearth of budget wedding planners in Goa who makes the daunting task of wedding planning seamless for couples.

After conducting meticulous research and swimming through opinions of more than a thousand couples, we have chalked out predominant factors that make Goa a massively popular destination wedding venue.

  1. Panoramic and Picturesque Locations

India is blessed with some of the finest tropical destinations, and a great chunk of them are in Goa. No matter wherever you roll out in Goa, you will get to see a myriad of enchanting and heart-stopping natural locations that are way too perfect to tie the wedding knot.

The stunning locations serve as ideal venues to not only romance with your better-half but also create some unforgettable memories. Goa encompasses wedding venues of varied styles which range from marriage gardens to banquet halls, hotels, farmhouses, etc. You can pick up any one of them to make the most special day of your life vivacious.


  1. A Coveted Holiday Destination for Your Guests

Whenever the word party pops up in mind, the first destination which hovers in front of eyes is Goa. For the party animals as well as families, Goa is a regaling location to spend their vacations.

Picking Goa city for the destination wedding venue will surely propel your guests to hop on to your wedding. It will fulfil their two purposes: first, they get to attend your wedding, and second, they will love to spend their vacations at this mesmerizing party place.

photograhy venue

  1. You Can Save Big on Decoration

Agree or not, you cut down the cost of wedding decoration manifold times when you pick Goa for the destination wedding. Now, you must be wondering how someone can dwindle decoration cost just by picking Goa for the destination wedding?

Don’t forget, Goa has some of the most picturesque locations in India which can beat up the charm of any exorbitant wedding decoration without much of a hitch. The seaside locations, swoon-worthy palm trees, the invisible tropical vibes can save you from splurging money on the decor part. With minimal decoration and fine detailing, you can do wonders and amaze your guests with the decoration part.


  1. Blingy yet Cost-Effective Wedding

A wedding venue and guests’ accommodation comprises more than 50% of your entire wedding budget. Secondly, it is very bothersome to find a wedding venue which is easy to reach for all of your guests.

Goa has some of the most captivating indoor and outdoor destination wedding venues. Moreover, Goa has an outstanding transport facility that makes it easier for everyone to reach any corner of the Goa without any hassle. The intriguing thing is weddings at Goa are no different from the rest of the parts of India. You can easily plan a cost-effective destination wedding and save big on your wedding.

Most of the popular wedding venues in Goa constitutes accommodations and a great selection of in-house services. From wedding photographers to a Mehndi artist, beauticians, transport facility, you will find every quintessential component required to make your wedding swoon-worthy at a jaw-dropping price.


  1. Surreal Wedding Experience

A destination wedding in a location like Goa renders you and your guests a reason to experience something surreal and make the wedding function as memorable as possible.

If we go by the figures of the survey done by a leading firm, In India, only 10-12% of couples opt for the destination wedding. And, who doesn’t like to hop on to a breathtaking tropical destination wedding like Goa to savour the wedding ceremony as well as the gentle and soothing weather of Goa?

When you plan a destination wedding in Goa, you ignite a spark among your guests to look forward to your wedding eagerly.

  1. You Get To Spend Quality Time with Family Members and Close Members

Couples opt for a destination wedding so they can avoid unwanted visitors and spend quality time only with their close buddies and kith and kin. Many couples elongate a day or two in their schedule to enjoy the destination wedding to the fullest and create ever-lasting memories. Unlike traditional weddings, destination weddings at Goa offer ample opportunities to couples to spend quality time with closed ones.

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So, what are your waiting for? Book a sumptuous wedding venue in Goa right away at shaadidukaan and make your wedding day remarkable!

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