Gratitude – The Key To Overall Happiness

We are living in an era where we have so many luxuries around us but still nothing enough to be thankful for. Humans as their inbuilt nature will crib for the things they do not have but will never be thankful enough for the things they do have. We forget that developing an Attitude of Gratitude will only attract more Happiness in our lives. Wonder how??

Well, ‘Gratitude’ simply means the quality of being thankful. When I write this I count my own blessings and pay gratitude. I am grateful for all the beautiful, small things I have in my life. Researchers in the field of positive psychology have been studying the effect of gratitude on health and well being for years. They believe that gratitude is personality strength – the ability to be keenly aware of the good things that happen to you and never take them for granted. Grateful people express their thanks and appreciation to others in a heartfelt way, and not just to be polite. Once you start possessing a high level of gratitude, you often feel an emotional sense of wonder, thankfulness & appreciation for life itself. Individuals who exhibit and express the most gratitude are happier, healthier and more energetic. The more you are willing to be thankful for the less lonely, stressed, anxious or depressed you will be.

To fully experience the power of gratitude one should abandon all the feelings like jealousy, revenge, anger, stress, anxiety and suspicion. Instead of focusing on negative feelings, if we count our blessings on regular basis we can improve our moods & overall surrounding. So, it certainly seems that developing an Attitude for Gratitude can benefit us emotionally, physically & mentally.

Question is how do we increase the feeling of gratitude? When nothing seems to be going right, our life presents great challenges. It is actually possible to change the wrong with the right by expressing gratitude. I know, acknowledging the benefit of gratitude does not make it easy to practice it on regular basis due to our human nature. That’s why it becomes all the more important to practice it in both good and bad times. It is in our nature to pick out wrong first in any situation, but if we give ourselves a chance on a regular basis to notice all of life’s gifts and shift our focus on the good, we can increase our sense of well-being & create hope & optimism for the future no-matter what is going on.

Here are some ways to start practicing gratitude:

  1. Keep a Gratitude journal:

A gratitude journal can be a simple book in which you write three to five things that you are grateful for at the end of each day. Once you form a habit of maintaining this journal, you will find yourself writing not limited things but filing out 1-2 pages daily.

  1. Express your Gratitude:

Make a point to express gratitude every morning as you open your eyes for the brand new day that you have been gifted. There are endless opportunities out there. Each day rises with opportunities and ends with hope.

  1. Focus on the right, ignore the wrong:

It so happens that when we focus on the wrong and think about it, we end up hurting ourselves. Do not give any one the power to hurt you. Focus on the bright side in each situation and ignore the wrong.

  1. Practice gratitude with your family and friends:

Express gratitude regularly for every small thing to your near and dear ones. It will generate more love.

Finally, follow SEE –

Sustainable Emotional Energy: The more positive energy you send out to others the more positive energy you’ll receive in return.

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