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Grow Your Lashes Longer By Careprost

It is very rare to find people who can find things that can help them as well as take care of the aesthetics of a person. Having a drug that treats you as well as help you cosmetically is a very rare combination to have. Careprost is one of those drugs that has helped women to grow and thicken their lashes. Using Careprost ends up making the lashes look thicker and beautiful. Apart from that, this drug helps in treating the condition Glaucoma.

The more important question about this drug is the usage and safety of this drug.

The composition of this drug contains a fatty acid hormone that helps in relieving the pressure that lays on the eye of a person. The side effects of the drug are known to be minimal if taken as per the prescription given by the doctor.

Given below are the ways that can help a person in facilitating the growth of eyelashes. To start with:

  • Read the instructions before you open the drug. Any query regarding the drug should be inquired by the doctor. The dosage of this medicine should be consulted by the doctor and should then be taken strictly as per the prescription given by the doctor.
  • Watch out for the application of the medication: Start by washing your face and makeup. This will help remove all the makeup on your face. The ointment then needs to be applied using an applicator. The solution needs to be put on the root of the lashes. This is followed by removing the excess medication off the lashes. The applicator after being used on the eyelash should be trashed as soon as it is finished. The new applicator should be used for the application on the other eyelash. If the ointment gets slipped into the eye of the patient there is no need to get panic. This drug is meant to treat the eyes as well. In order to avoid contamination, the dropper should not be touched at all. The dropper in some cases is replaced after every use.
  • This drug should be used until the desired effects of this drug is achieved. This helps in facilitating eyelash growth and should have a record of the last time when the drug is applied. The same routine should be followed by the patient every time.

Need of Careprost

There is not a single woman who doesn’t wish to have a pair of fuller and longer lashes. Having such lashes makes a woman look beautiful and more feminine. Looking at the celebrities makes us all think that we can have perfect lashes. Getting perfect lashes can be a struggle and can be an achievement if done naturally at home.

How to get Perfect lashes?

There is a high-performance serum that is known to enhance the appearance of the lashes within a wee if applied correctly. There is an explicit application process that needs to be followed in order to get the most promising results. This serum is known to be extremely safe to use but should never be used without consulting a doctor.

These drugs should be checked for some medical interaction and a doctor can tell you the best if it is safe to use this drug in that case.

Why do people prefer careprost over fake lashes?

There is explicit research that tells us all about the pros and cons of getting those eyelash extensions. Getting fake lashes or Eyelash Extensions gives you immediate results but are not meant to last longer. Fake Lashes are made out of Mink, Silk or synthetic hair and need to be applied on both the eyes with the help of eyelash glue. This is usually done by professionals. The results of this last for around 3 to 4 weeks.

Fake Lashes, on the other hand, do not last for more than a day or two. They are slightly cheaper than the extensions but do not appear that natural.

Getting thick lashes naturally can be a task and needs one to know how to do that. There are many people who use castor oil as a DIY to treat their lashes and as such, no dramatic change is seen ever.

There are many oil-based serums that never get applied to the eyes and hence don’t show their effect at all.

Careprost to help grow those long lashes

There are so many serums and high-end mascaras that promise thick lashes. One of the most promising of them is the Careprost serum.

Significance of Eyelashes:

Eyelashes are not just considered to be a pretty feature on the body of a person but plays a significant role in preventing dust from reaching the eyes. The eyelashes work in a sensory way and shut the eye every time dust or dirt tries to get in the eye. The upper and lower lashes contain different number of lashes and has a specific lash length of 10 mm. Upper Lid has around 90 to 150 lashes and lower lash has an average of 80 lashes,

Hair Growth & Eyelash

Hair Growth is one of the primary functions of the human body. There is a specific growth cycle followed by different hair present on the human body. Every hair on the body follows a three-phase growth cycle and ends up falling out by the end of each cycle. All the lashes of a human body gets replaced within some years.

Anagen phase: This is often called the growth phase of the hair. The lashes in this phase keep on growing. This phase lasts for a period of about 30 to 45 days. Having said that, lashes start with an anagen phase. 15% of the lower lash stays in the growth phase and 40% of the upper lash.

Not all lashes are in the anagen phase. 40% of the upper lash and about 15% of the lower lash stay in this phase. This starts the growing period, make them grow for some time and then stop.

Catagen Phase: This phase is also called the transition stage. This phase shrinks the hair follicles and inhibits the lash to grow any further. The time frame of this phase lasts for two to three weeks.

Telogen Phase: This phase is often called the resting phase. The timeline of this phase extends upto 100 days. The lashes start to fall out by the end of this phase.

Bimatoprost is one of the active ingredients present in the drug Careprost. Generic Villa is trusted pharmacy for Genuine Careprost. Apart from being used for aesthetic purposes, this drug is also used to treat glaucoma. This drug works by decreasing the pressure on the eye which can save a person from losing his vision permanently.

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