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Guidelines For Quick Hair Growth – By Viplav Sharma

Thick and long hair is almost every woman’s deepest desire. She would try every suggestion offered. Although, the usual rate of hair growth is about six inches every year, there are ways to increase the tress growth rate.

Thorough washing

Improper and untimely hair wash obstructs the hair growth. Experts suggest that dry hair should be washed once every three to four days. Greasy and sticky hair lengths should be washed every second day. Massaging the hair roots and the head portion with a good conditioning lotion or oil will increase the circulation of blood in the head. Use a slightly warm shower to wash the locks.

Hot hair style techniques must be reduced

Over exposure to hair styling techniques can cause damage to the beautiful silky mane. It also weakens the hair growth at the base. Hair breakage increases at a greater speed than the growing level. Opt for hair care solutions that suit your hair texture.

Regular trimming

Trimming of hair must be done regularly. Mainly to stop ‘split ends’ as they delay hair growth. Regular hair cuts will improve the thickness of the curls.

Balanced Food Intake

Balanced food habits and consuming healthy food has a great influence on the growth of hair. The essential nutrients necessary for growing hair must be present in the foods. Thus having a rich and nourishing diet is important for long hair. Make sure that the food has all the nourishing elements needed for quick hair growing aspect.

Complement your food intake with essential Vitamins needed for hair growth. If you are upset about your growth level of your hairs then swallow a multivitamin pill to compliment your food consumption. Take your hair stylist’s or a doctor’s advice for a detailed diet and tonic chart. Watch your hair grow to a beautiful length at a never before speed.

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