Misconceptions About Women - 1

Hanging Out With A Male Friend, Are you having an affair? When Will People Stop Judging?

In a country like India, being a woman is like, “I am Girl/Women, and I need to draw my limits”. I am sure majority of the mothers out there must have spoken and shouted Do’s and Don’ts to their daughters. From waking up early to help the house chores and not going out after evening, it is always women who are being considered a target.

It is not the same India anymore and neither it’s women are. Time has changed. Modern women aim high and wish to break the clutches that comes in a way to fulfil her dream to be successful and independent. However, there are misconceptions and notions created by sick minded Indians which are imposed on women and need to be broken soon. Here are a few such notions you wish you could crush under your feet.

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Hanging Out With A Male Friend – Are you having an affair?

Dear judgementals, having a male friend does not define we have an affair or I am involved with him sexually. There is something called human relation, a friendship which most of you fail to understand. It appears, these people have more time peeking into other’s doors rather taking care of their own business.

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You Wish To Study Further – Beta, you quit studying. Anyway you are going to get married!

No, She will not quit studying just because one day she is going to get married. What about her dreams, her aspirations and her independence? Doesn’t she have right to take decisions of her own life? What if tomorrow she breaks up her complicated marriage? Shouldn’t she be independent to fill her belly? Think twice before being the advisors!

Misconception 2

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Late Night Parties With Friends – Don’t you understand, you are not a boy!

Getting possessive is healthy under limitations but very harmful when it is compared gender wise. When the situations are friendly, you have trustworthy people around and a willingness to enjoy, what makes you stop a girl from enjoying her life, compare and put her down by telling that she is not a boy? No she isn’t! She is girl and she will enjoy regardless of all free advises.

Misconceptions About Women - 3

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Your Desire For Western Clothes – Acche Ghar Ki Ladkiyan Aise Kapde Nahi Pehenti!

I still wonder, what difference clothes makes, in terms of restrictions. The only thing matters while clothing is wearing the right outfit according to the occasion and being comfortable in it. Everyone has their own choice of attire, and it should be given respect.

P.S – No, She doesn’t mean YES if she wears a skirt!


You are In Love – Tune toh apne parivaar ki naak katwa di!

This is the critical issue in many families, which have led to honour killings in many states. I question, what is love? Can it be responsible for murders, family disputes and hurt? Why religion and caste draws a line between the emotions of two people who were born with no religion, It is us who have given them all. No girl or a boy should be parted on the basis of family reputation.


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Complicated Marriage – You need to compromise, you are a woman!

Oh god please, stop advising illogical things to women, no she will not compromise just because she is a woman. She will feel sorry and will compromise only when she is sorry for the mistake. Why women have to adjust everything, provided she already has come far away when it comes to relationships. If the relations are not working, let it breathe and gain it’s form and then decide. Imposing your decisions on a woman’s life is not fair. Not at all!

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You Have Three Daughters – It’s time you give your family, a son! Do not make them upset!

A huge error in Indian mentality, First – It is men who is responsible for the gender of the baby born and it has nothing to do with women. Go and advise men, though they will have no say in it! Second – Girl or a Boy, does that makes any difference? It is high time Indians need to take the issue very seriously or the day is not far where the ratio between a girl and a boy child would be in far digits and the consequences would be tragic.


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Your Drinking Desires Disclosed –  What? You have tarnished our religion. Who would marry you now?

Definitely if you drink regularly, losing all your senses, this is what your parents would say but there is no harm in drinking occasionally? Does it harm if you drink twice a month or less than that? I do not think it harms the body but it definitely harms neighbour’s mood because all you do is : I don’t care, every time you poke your nose, I am going to take a shot and laugh at you.

Some of the above arguments may sound harsh but trust me, in India where some beliefs and customs are so rigid that it invites sharp penetrative and harsh altercations. Let me tell you, it would not work with one voice, only a mass roar against the odds would make a win win.

All these are do’s and don’ts for women. Only women! Really? I would like to ask why? Any Logic? Who imposes them on women, and why just women? Don’t they claim the right to be free? Being Independent from being judged on every step she walks?

Do not worry ladies, never agree the illogical thoughts and beliefs of anyone around you. Be free, Be a dreamgirl and live your life to the zenith!

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