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Some Hangover Cures and Some Hangover Myths

In the pursuit for the love for our plunks, we obviously forget the next day’s nasty hangovers. Well, which drink enthusiast doesn’t? So drinking in moderation is not even an answer. But all we need to do is just follow a couple of things below to avoid the spiteful hangover and get that chilled beer in the next couple of hours.

Scroll below and find out your hangover remedies and myths.

Water: Agree or not, this universal drink has been a remedy for almost everything. Alcohol, especially the hard drinks, dehydrates our body and the best way to replenish it by glugging more water. Even better would be adding honey and lime to lukewarm water and drinking it; as lime restocks most of the vital nutrients that the alcohol exerts from our body and honey helps to bring back the lost sugar. And it is a hell of a detox! Lemonade

Also try and have at least half-a-glass of water in between your drinks, as it helps you to digest the alcohol and keep you sober for longer.

Food: This stands out to be just as important as water! But eating before drinking is wise and not afterwards.


We obviously know, drinking in an empty stomach makes us intoxicated sooner. Since the food in our stomach forms a thin line, helping the alcohol to digest slowly and hence, not making us get drunk faster. Food like hummus, olive oil, cheese, milk, fruits etc. all help to maintain the body fluids and forms that thin layer which protects alcohol from burning our stomach and hence protecting us from hangover.

Also if you want, you can also binge on foods, nuts and kebabs while drinking as they are not spicy and contain carbs that help you to digest your alcohol easily.

For immediate relief, try mildly flavored foods that are rich in carbohydrate like crackers, toasts, beans and yogurt likewise. These foods help to lighten nausea as well as help our body in soaking up the alcohol. In short an English breakfast.

Coffee: A cup of a good coffee can cure all your hangover woes the next morning. Haven’t we all been doing this?


But NO, coffee has caffeine and that just makes that headache worst. So, if you are not used to coffee then do not try that as your hangover therapy the next morning.

Tea: Yes, before you jump in to a conclusion that teas also have caffeine, there are certain teas which will aid your hangover.

Chamomile tea

Try ginger tea, green tea, chamomile tea to name a few that would do wonders for you.

Ginger Ale and coconut water: Don’t let the word ale fool you here. Ginger Ale is an effervescent drink with the extracts of ginger making it a healthy option.

Ginger Ale

These two serve as an excellent option as they help you to calm your stomach.

Painkillers: This is one of the easiest ways to get rid of any pain.

Headache pills

But we have already taxed our liver and body with the superfluous consumption of alcohol, taxing it further with painkillers is a completely bad idea.

Cocktails: We all love our tall glasses of LIITs and beautiful martinis but the concoction of sugar, different syrups and liquor in these glasses makes it more potent.


Remember, the age old rule of Not mixing your drinks to avoid getting drunk easily and to avoid that bad hangover the next day? Here you have your answer.

Exercise: Alcohol makes us fat and if we exercise, the sweat is gonna restore that figure back. This is another myth.


Heavy exercise would not help you reduce the wooziness and headache rather it will accentuate it. So, if you want you can go a nice stroll or a slow jog.

So, just follow the above tips and get rid of that nasty hangover in a couple of minutes and you can have a chilled beer in couple of hours.

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