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He Is An Acid Attack Victim – She The Convict!

We often update ourselves by reading various crimes, some as common as robbery while some that make us go ‘Hawww’ with our jaw dropped and eyes wide open. Majorly, crimes that attract our attention in the Newspapers and Television are the ones that targeted at women. Acid attack is one such crime. Though generally women are the victims of Acid Attack all around the world, what we found as one of its kind is a Girl Throwing Acid on a young man for refusing her marriage proposal.

The incident took place two weeks back in Rasra Area of Ballia district of Uttar Pradesh. The victim, Raj Kumar Pal is from Jamgaon village under the Rasra police station area, who was sleeping on his terrace when a girl reportedly threw acid on his face. He was rushed to the district hospital and then sent to Varanasi for treatment.

The Rasra police station officer Sandeep Singh reported the Times of India that the girl wanted to marry Pal, but he was not ready for it. Immediately after the crime, Raj Kumar Pal’s mother lodged an FIR against the girl at the Rasra police station and the girl was arrested under section 326A of the Indian Penal Code.

Acid attacks are too common in South Asia. Being an alert citizen, one should know what the Indian law has to say about this atrocious crime.

Acid Attack Laws

According to the Section 326A of the IPC, whoever causes permanent or partial damage or deformity to, or burns or maims or disfigures or disables, any part or parts of the body of a person or causes grievous hurt by throwing acid on or by administering acid to that person, or by using any other means with the intention of causing or with the knowledge that he is likely to cause such injury or hurt, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which shall not be less than 10 years but which may extend to imprisonment for life and with fine.

I always wonder, is damaging someone’s appearance or putting him/her to death heals the broken heart or puts them in a satisfied zone? Well, I guess this will remain unanswered forever as no crime stands reasonable.

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