Heal your mind and health with Himani – Reiki expert

Hello all super ladies!! I am Himani, a certified Reiki expert and I intend to share my thoughts and experiences about Reiki with you at Womenplanet. But, before I start discussing about my experience, let me just describe what reiki is.


An energy Healing Technique, reiki is one of the most widely used non-allopathic treatments for curing several types of health concerns today. Due to its success and wide use, it is considered a part of the Complementary and Alternative Medicine in the United States. This in itself describes you how effectual Reiki is as a cure.

Reiki, Faith and Cure

If you have faith in Reiki, Reiki has the power to treat several health conditions like cancer, stress and depression. Yes it can cure you of all these conditions and this is what inspired me to learn Reiki and use it to help people around me.

How did Reiki inspire me?

A simple 2 day workshop was going to re-define my life, and this time for the better. After the first day, I could feel my body respond to the energy power of my healer. And, after the second day, I was a new person completely. This is where I decided to learn reiki and use it to help people just the way I healed myself.

Reiki and me

I learnt all the 3 levels of reiki and practiced my healing power and energy. Slowly, with more practice and focus, my energy level helped me treat my friends from stress and certain physical pains. It gave me great pleasure to see my patients leave with a radiant look on their face and feeling much better than when they walked in. This feeling helped me learn more and practice reiki for curing every person suffering from great pain and illness. Today, I am a certified Reiki Expert and do workshops to heal people and also teach them Reiki.

I also learnt Distance Reiki that is designed to cure people who are not physically in contact but are mentally connected during the reiki treatment. And, the best way of doing this is by using the internet platform. This is why I decided to share my experience and knowledge about Reiki on Womenplanet. Read about Reiki treatments, its healing power and effect on our life.

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