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Heal Up Cracked Feet Via Home Remedies

Winters are here and many of us often face dry & cracked heels problems. Likewise we have chapped lips and dry skin in winters, cracked heels too create problems for people. The skin on our feet is usually dry as there are no oil glands in the skin of the feet. Over exposure, lack of moisturizing and medical condition can cause dry feet and cracked feet.

If you don’t pay attention to heal your dry cracked heels, the cracks can split open and become deeper, which can be painful and lead to bleeding and infection. Not only it appears bad and affects your personality, sometimes the cuts become so deep that a person is unable to stand or walk properly. By following simple homemade remedies, you can make your cuts smooth and pain free too.

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Eating Healthy diet is also necessary to cure cracked heels. Take proper diet enriched with calcium that includes milk, yogurt, fruits, meat and vegetables to heal up your cracks in feet.

  • Massage: Massaging the feet each night with oil makes them soft and relaxes the whole body. It also increases the blood circulation of body.
  • Right Shoes: Do not wear tight shoes. Always wear comfortable stockings and shoes etc.
  • Glycerin and Rose Water: Apply mixture of glycerin and rose water on your heels for softer skin on daily basis.
  • Lemon Juice: Take concentrated lemon juice and dip your heels in this juice for 15 minutes. Don’t worry if it hits your cracks as it is acidic but it will give you better results.
  • Coconut Oil: Pure coconut oil is also very useful to cure cracked heels. It will give you soothing effects. You can also use creams that are manufactured with coconut oil.
  • Honey : Take some pure honey and apply thick layer on cracked heels. It will also prove as a best remedy for you.
  • Marigold and Papaya: The saps from a marigold stem, papaya juice are good remedies to cure cracks & corns.
  • Wear socks: Do not walk barefoot or do give exposure of bare feet to the sun, wind or water causes. It may cause cracks on the heels and soles.
  • Honey and Sesame oil: Apply three tablespoons of honey and mix it one teaspoonful sesame oil in it. Warm it a little and apply on the feet to cure dryness and cracks.

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