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Health Alert: Do You Sit With Your Legs Crossed?

Crossing legs while seated is the most sexy way a woman could sit. That should be the way any woman should sit and men who sits like this appears gay, well let’s keep this gay or not gay debate for next time and just concentrate on the most popular and followed way to sit, The Cross Legged Posture!

All of us are so habituated to this feminine way of sitting that, we have never given a little thought on how it can affect our health. Yes, you read that right. Sitting cross legged can hurt our bodies most dangerously, without even letting you know who’s the culprit.

Here are few things that can happen to your body, all thanks to Crossed Legs:

1.A Body Condition

Peroneal nerve paralysis or palsy is a body condition that is caused by sitting cross legged for hours. It can also happen if seated on the same posture for prolonged period of time.

2. The Blood Pressure

When you sit in the same posture for a longer period of time, the blood pressure in your body increases and that can cause circulatory disorders. It happens when you put one leg over the other, blood is pushed upwards, resulting the heart to pump out more blood than the regular rate, which increases the blood pressure.

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3. The Pelvic Imbalance

Prolonged sitting in this posture can make your inner thigh muscle shorter and the outer muscle longer and this puts your joints at the risk of moving outer side.

4. The Spider Veins

Though it is measured that, one of the most common reasons for getting spider veins is the genes; however, sitting in the cross legged way can cause inflammation and compressed veins. It can cause pooling of blood in the veins and appears swelled, caused because of the disturbance of the back flow of blood.

5. The Stooped Posture

A study has found that, sitting cross legged for more than 3 hours can result a person to  develop a stooped posture, where the person feels discomfort in hips, lower back and neck pain at regular intervals.

Now that we have given you a food for thought, promise us that you would uncross your legs as soon as you find yourself doing it and also share this wise advice with the people crossing the legs around.

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