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Healthy Food- On the Run


In today’s busy world everyone’s life is hectic. If you live in a city, have a job and kids, you will inevitably feel like a circus juggler. There will be a constant struggle to balance all aspects of your life. A 24hr day will feel smaller than it actually is.

If you feel this way, do not worry, you are not the only one. We all are sailing in the same boat. Additionally, it also important to take care of your health. Healthy eating is a crucial part of health care. It is a known fact that if you want to develop a healthy eating habit you need to spare time to plan your diet and even more difficult, execute it. Now the question arises as to how can we spare time to follow healthy eating in the little time we have during our already packed to the brim day. I will share some ideas I practice and some I recently discovered to incorporate healthy eating habits in my tight schedule. I hope these tips will help you the way they did to me.


14772483_mIt is very important to commit to a diet that is healthy in nature. Without a committed approach all the ideas I might mention further will be futile. Once you have made up your mind half the battle is already won.

Be sensible:

If you are so busy that you frequently eat out or eat ready meals, try to change that by cooking yourself. The reason is simple. Ready meals are full of sugar and salt and barely have any nutrients. Secondly, in outside food since you have not been involved in the cooking process you cannot be sure how healthy it is. If you think you do not have enough time, ensure you add a portion of fresh fruit or vegetable to your meal as this enhances the health value of your food.

Simple but effective:

It hardly takes an effort to add a fruit as a part of your breakfast before you go to work. Develop a forecasted shopping list to ensure you always have something healthy waiting for you in your fridge when you return from work. If you have to eat outside order some salad with your food.


It is helpful if you keep a rotating menu cycle for your food. This helps you to have various food items which will help in providing essential nutrients. This will also aid you in planning for the forecasted shopping mentioned above.

These all small but effective habits will ensure that your schedule is not drastically disturbed but also provides a much needed healthy diet to cope with the busy lifestyle.

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