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Healthy Yet Delicious – Nutritious Food For You!

People today have become health conscious and are moving towards healthy living, but at the same time they are confused about the food intake, as there many options seen and available on the internet, television, print media etc. Also lots of fad diets floating around.

They say “You are what you eat”. So HEALTHY eating leads to HEALTHY LIVING. There is a general misconception that you have to eat bland food, eat salads, do fast, be on ketogenic diets etc to lose fat and stay healthy. But in reality that’s not the case. Eating healthy can be yummy too!

Let’s look into some of the yummiest food which can help u shed fat and stay healthy, obviously regular exercise is needed too.

  • Porridges of Oats/Wheat Bran/Ragi/Muesli (good complex carbs) using water to cook and addition of brown/black raisins, jaggery to make them sweet (less calories than sugar). You can add fruits like apple, orange, sweet lime etc. (don’t use milk for the porridge) Add cinnamon (dalchini) to boost fat loss.
  • Spicy porridges can be made by adding Indian masala spices (they boost metabolism) with chopped veggies like carrots, beans, tomatoes etc to add to the fibre & vitamin values.
  • Sandwiches can be made using Multi grain/Genuine Brown Bread or other breads having good amount of fibre content and can use peanut butter instead of butter, low fat cheese (both for the proteins and good fat), pudina chutney for fibre, tastes & meta boost, along with chopped veggies.

Nutritious Jalaphenos and Lettuce Sandwich

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  • If you are eating subways or other sandwiches outside then go for healthier choices like honeyoats/multigrain/Brown Bread and additions of olives, jalapenos, lettuce will help in the fibre & meta boost part. Use mustard sauce instead of other sauces.
  • Use Red/Brown Poha instead of the usual white one. It has sufficient fibre and are Add roasted chana and peanuts instead of frying them. Make sure you use raw green peas and coriander as dressingthat makes the poha yummier. Use Olive oil/rice bran oil for cooking.
  • Add Ragi or Moong dal to your idlis to make them yummier and healthy.
  • Instead of the usual patties, switch over to Oats-soya-multigrain bread crumbs (for the coating) and use carrots and carrot beans,green peas as fillers, use either Olive oil on non-stick pans or bake them. Can serve with Pudina chutney (Grind and mix the Oats – 2Cups & Soya Chunks 1-Cup)
  • Add Ragi to your Upma too (4:2 rawa and ragi flour combo), use Olive oil, add raw green peas and soaked urad dal to make them healthy. Ragi dosa is a healthier and yummy choice instead of the usual dosa. Ragi (Nachni) is a very under rated grain and not used much except for children With its amazing combo of calcium, good carbs, fibre and proteins, makes it a great and healthy choice.
  • Soups can be made yummier and tastier by adding lemon grass, asparagus, ginger, garlic paste, pepper and other herbs.

nutritious Tandoori Tofu

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  • For evening meals you can spice up your foodby making grilled stuff which is healthy and easy to digest. Tandoori is a good choice for Chicken/Fish/Paneer/Tofu etc.
  • Making protein rich salads is a good source of healthy and yummy supper.Use good amounts of Broccoli, Lettuce, Asparagus, red pepper balls along with your choice of protein (Chicken/Fish/Low fat Cheese/Paneer/Tofu) with added chaat masala/mustard sauce. Avoid the mayo and fattening dressings.
  • For lunch part you can have Multi grain flour – single veggie or mix veggie parathas, made on nonstick pans, with a bit of Olive oil.
  • Overnight soaked Brown rice can be used for making a nice steaming Biryani with veggies, biryani masala, Olive oil etc. You may use your choice of protein (Chicken/Fish/Paneer/Tofu/Soaked Soya Chunks)

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