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Herbs For Treating Hair Fall And Dandruff

Hair fall, hair fall, hair fall!!! Today, almost every woman has one core complaint when it comes to beautiful hair, Excessive Hair Fall. With the increasing use of chemical products and pollutants in the air, and several natural factors like age, stress, decencies in nutrition, hormonal imbalance, scalp infection, too much application of heat, and god knows what else; it is extremely natural to suffer from hair fall and other hair conditions.

It is normal to lose around 50 to 100 strands of hair, everyday. Anything above that is called “hair loss”, and this is when you should start taking steps to combat hair fall. But don’t worry thanks to Mother Nature we have lots of nourishing and protective ingredients to stop hair fall.

  • Hair massage:  It is very good to massage your hair with oil at least once a week. Use coconut oil, amla, castor or olive oil. Adding Rosemary to one of these oils will help sooth the scalp and enhance hair growth. A massage not only increases the blood flow but also moisturizes and calms the scalp.
  • Amla OR Indian gooseberry: Having a little bit of amla juice on an empty stomach every morning can do wonders to your hair growth. Amla is rich in vitamin c that boosts hair growth. It is antioxidant and anti bacterial, nourishing not only hair but skin and all round well being.
  • Methi OR Fenugreek: Add a few fenugreek seeds to your hair oil while massaging. Fenugreek contains proteins that help in hair growth.

To Tackle Dandruff

1. Lemon Peels: Take the peels of 3 or 4 lemons and boil them in water. Use the solution to wash your hair and scalp. Citric acid in lemon helps in fighting dandruff.

2. Cider Vinegar: Another great way to get rid of dandruff is using cider vinegar add a few Tbsp of cider vinegar and massage with a cotton ball on your scalp. Leave on for 45 minutes and shampoo.

3. Tea Tree Oil: A very effective way to fight dandruff is Tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is expensive so you can buy tea tree essential oil and add a few drops to your shampoo and shake the bottle vigorously. A lot of dandruff shampoos contain tea tree. Its anti-bacterial and antiseptic elements help in curing dandruff.

3. Neem of Indian Lilac: Due to its anti-bacterial properties Neem also helps in treating dandruff. Boil a few neem leaves in hot water. Let the water cool down and use it to rinse scalp and hair.

4. Be Stress Free: This really helps. Meditate, do yoga and be happy.

Hair loss and dandruff can both be quite irritating but using the simple methods mentioned above for thrice a week for a month can help in lowering and treating dandruff. Alternately, you can find shampoos that contain these products.

I would always advice to go the herbal way. Brands like Biotique, Shahnaz and Jovees all have shampoos to treat dandruff and hair loss. Dandruff is contagious so make sure you don’t use someone else’s towel, comb or hair brush.

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