Homeopathy Or Allopathy – What Is Your Choice?

Homeopathy or Allopathy! A lot of people these days are seen baffled, trying to find an answer to this question. Truly, there is no comparison between the two, as both have positive results on our health. It is the choice of the patient or sufferer, which one he/ she chooses as a mode of treatment.

Homeopathy is a wonderful and scientifically proven medicinal branch which helps us treat almost all sorts of health conditions. However, there are several unique points regarding Homeopathy that keeps it aloof the other modes of treatment.


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  • Homoeopathy treats the human in the disease and not the disease!!

This means that Homeopathy cures the person who has that disease rather than the disease itself. E.g. . .let’s say, I have two people suffering from migraine . So, here the disease is migraine, for which the conventional medicine (allopathy) would give a naprofen like medicine for both these patients. However, had I to treat it homoeopathically, then the medicine for both these patients though suffering from the same disease i.e.migraine, will differ.  It will differ, depending on how these both patients react to their migraine! What are their symptoms … like one of them may feel better by pressing the head and with complete darkness around them. While the other one may feel better only by vomiting and will be very weak. The response of the individual to the disease is important in Homoeopathy.  For some, it could trigger by some sudden noise, but for some it could trigger by some stress or disputes in office or over exertion. So, Homeopathy tries to finds out the cause behind the ailment and accordingly treats the person…

  • Secondly, Homeopathy is based on the law’ SIMILIA SIMILIBUS CURANTUR’…

In simple words, Like Cures Like. Unlike Allopathy which is opposite or different in action! E.g. Homoeopathic medicine for curing diarrhoea will be the one which has the ability to cause diarrhoea; while allopathy will administer a medicine which will have opposite action of causing constipation.


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Experience shows that by medicines that manifest similar symptoms to the disease, cure for the disease is permanent. Also, this law is dependent on the law of nature!! While curing by opposite method (by antipathy or allopathy) the persisting disease symptoms are not permanently cured.

  • The allopathic system, tends to give palliation or temporarily relief, as a result of which kidney stones recur in spite of laparoscopic removal, also warts once removed recur…

Therefore, Homeopathy treats the root cause of disease and hence gives permanent cure.

  • Homoeopathic medicines are proved on healthy human beings, while allopathic medicines are proved on animals. This is important because, when a drug is proved on humans, we also know its effect on the mental symptoms.
  • Action of Homoeopathic medicines is through the sentient nerves,hence can cause no indigestion, acidity and gastric irritation.
  • The vital force which in our modern language can be termed, as Immunity is responsible for harmonious functioning of our body… Homeopathy is one of the best medicines to improve one’s immunity! Immunity in its details is nothing but proteins and homeopathy triggers the cure at this level and hence heals the person of their ailment.
  • Homeopathic medicines are given in a simple way. No mixing of medicines is allowed here. Only one single medicine is prescribed at a time.

Having understood a few things about Homoeopathy, I would say it is a much more complete science but also more complicated , hence rightly said to be an art too …

As they say, a good physician is the one who knows the limitations of his system…. And so, Homeopathy has no medicines for contraception, also in acute poisoning e.g. scorpion bite or acid poisoning  or snake bites,  also in fractures and dislocations, the first step of plaster needs to be done… but after that if the wound is not healing homeopathy comes to the rescue….

One needs to judge the scope and limitations and accordingly individually decides what would be the best for them!

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