Is Honeymoon Really Important?

Done with the marriage ceremonies, rituals and the home coming, Indian weddings can really take you to a toll with their extended events and the enormous guest lists. By the time the ceremonies end, it is actually your body, your mind and soul that craves, or in a more decent term, desires for some rest and loneliness. And the best way to do that is going off to a honeymoon.

But today, where time is money and we are all running in a rat race, working in multi-nationals and getting our ass fired, going to honeymoon seems a less likely option. Most people, I will say, most lucky people get a month’s holiday to get back to work, while the not so lucky ones hardly get a 15 day break. And within those 15 days, it’s almost impossible to fit in a relaxing, exotic honeymoon soon after your wedding. So, my question here is, ‘Are honeymoons really important in today’s generation?’

Traditions Vs Reality

Well, speaking traditionally, honeymoons are considered a way to relax and enjoy sex and reproduce with your partner. Remember that glass of milk and honey based drinks…well yes they are given to the newly married couples to boost their fertility and enhance the sex aura.

Well well… but how many of us working women and men wish to start a family soon after marriage? Let me guess, the answer is No One (unless you conceive by fluke). Today, we focus more on our lifestyle and our profession before considering to start a family.

As per going to honeymoon, most couples who get the time to go on honeymoons after marriage choose for lonely places where they can relax and revive their energies after a hectic, tight scheduled marriage. The main reason for honeymoon is firstly relaxation and only then enjoying the ‘Honey and moon’. And so, it doesn’t quite matter if you get to plan your honeymoon soon after your marriage or sometime later in the year, all that really matters is your destination and relaxation. Also, another reason why most people consider postponing their honeymoon is the huge expenses that marriages these days include. So, the best way to plan a relaxing honeymoon is to save some money for a few months and then plan a trip to some exotic island such as Krabi island, Mauritius, Bali, Maldives and so on.

Are honeymoons really important?

Well, obviously they are important in our lives, especially because it helps you nurture your new marriage, your relation with your spouse and focus more on working out the differences for a blessed and happy marital life. But, rather than running away to some nearby cheap holiday location or going to the famous Indian honeymoon destination like Mt Abu, Shimla and Manali (which is always jam packed), you can actually plan and enjoy your honeymoon in some secluded resort or honeymoon destination where you get peace of mind and also make some memorable memories with your partner.

So, to all newly weds who haven’t yet booked your tickets to some honeymoon destination, keep your mind clear and plan an exotic honeymoon, whenever time permits you. But simply make sure it’s just you and your spouse!! Happy Honeymooning!!!

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