How Much Do You Know About Rape At Age 8? He Tried To Rape Me In School!

I am looking at the mirror; I see myself often being dragged to the execrable moments of life that keeps pinching me and never cease to exist. Out of the worldly mind chaos that I own, one unhappy incident keep throwing questions on me, caustically!

“Why did you hide this incident from your loved ones? Why didn’t you complain? Father could have jailed that defamatory person! Wasn’t it his fault and don’t tell me you were not aware of the crime?”

I keep finding the rational, fighting with own self and today I am not going to entertain any of my mind’s questions. For all the questions that chased me for 16 years, I have an answer.

“And the answer is NO, I never knew what is Rape! No, I Never knew someone would even pull their underpants down, apart from excreting or changing! I was 8 and I never knew someone was trying to rape me!”

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The Incident

It was after the school lunch when I felt the need to pee. After taking teacher’s permission I climbed the stairs leading me to the washroom which was on the school terrace. The toilet had no soap and thus after relieving myself, I knocked the door of the small room that stood on the same terrace.

“Little did I know that the watchman, who was supposed to protect the students and children living there in hostel will try to let his intentions come true.”

He asked me to come inside and pick the soap, which I did see was kept wrapped in a shelf. Had I got a little clue of his intentions, I would have not entered the room but in reality I did and the door was shut right behind my back.

“He pushed me on the charpoy and immediately pulled his pants down. By the time I realized what is happening or what is he playing, he pulled my panties down through my little pinafore. This act alerted me, I knew nothing but someone seeing me naked apart from my mother was unacceptable. While he was trying to enter me, I pushed him hardly with my legs, pushed open the door and ran from there.”

All I knew was something wasn’t correct and it took me 7 years to understand it was a rape which I somehow escaped. Today, it’s been 10 years, since I was introduced to the term rape. I never spoke about it later as it was of no sense but wait, I warned myself and penned down this incident, being afraid not to let this act repeat in any kid’s life!

“Neither I am guilty of not exposing the truth, as it was lately revealed to me, nor am I regretful that I was a potential rape victim or a case of child sexual abuse! Instead, I am happy that I am writing this for the world to alert them, so that they teach their kids about the Good and Bad Touch.”

I did not learn what was rape or sex when I was 8, but today it is necessary for a child to have a little idea on the same and thus mothers, please tell your little one, why it is wrong!

“Today, I won the war with my mind but I am afraid hardly few achieve this.”

I could have been raped and killed that day but I did not as I had to survive to tell this story, that came from the experience, a nefarious one though! Please I request you to guide your precious children and save these tiny hearts from going through any heinous activities such as Rape.

Educate your children, Listen to them and Trust them!

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