How To Be A Better Mom?

Being a mother is the desire of every woman.  Once she becomes a mom the child becomes the centre of her thoughts and actions. If the kid is just a baby, stroking and cuddling the baby would be more of a concern.

The actual work starts later when the baby grows up a little. The mother is now worried about whether she is bringing him/her the right way, Inculcating appropriate dos and don’ts in a right manner. Children have questions in their mind about many issues concerning the surroundings, getting adjusted with others at home and outside. How to answer the questions in an understandable way without getting irritated is the mother’s issue.

Today, many articles and books about bringing up a child are available. Most experts in the subject say the right way would be to respond and not react to any situation.

  • Reacting and Approaching: Reaction concerns both – the mother and the child. This mode is more towards how the lady reacts to the situation. The issue kindles an arguing or escaping attitude. While response brings in a different approach. Here the mother calmly but firmly takes a right action. In this situation the mother pays full attention to the child, gives importance to the kid’s emotions while deciding. She settles the matter or helps the kid decide the course of action, without hurting anyone concerned.
  • Child’s Reaction: Your reaction might make your child accept your decision with much to his dislike, but with a proper response you might get the kid to make the right decision. When hear him out totally, you are sure to make suggestive remarks to your child and make them understand the situation and take a decision.
  • Irritation: Reaction is a result of irritation; the mother might sympathize with the little one at times. She would rather end whatever the issue is, in her own way. But by empathizing, she creates a positive response from everyone including her own child. This approach is positive, takes an emotional and practical mode of action.

‘Response’ is the latest, impartial child rearing method. Here a mother (parent) makes use of various skills, staying Cool and still determined.

Hearing or browsing through a few books on various new child rearing techniques and understanding the skills involved is one side of the topic; working on those lines, finding out which can be used to better the kid’s overall development is very essential.

These attempts will guide you on the techniques that helped; how you could innovate to help your child. These trials will –

  • Help you communicate with your kid, hear him/ her with total concentration.
  • Differentiate between the tones (irritated or quiet) you use.
  • Observe your kid’s behavior to find out more about your own reaction.
  • Generate a conversation to intensify your bonding.

These modern techniques will assist you to become a more empathic mom, help you view situations in a detached manner. You may learn a few new tricks as children are the world’s best teachers.

So, become a better mom with your child and enjoy your time parenting!

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