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How To Deal With Your Mother-In-Law After Your Marriage?

Once you are married there are a lot of different things and people that you will be confronting. And among all those things and people, a “mother-in-law” is something undeniable. After all, you don’t just marry your love, but his entire ‘Khandaan’. Given tags such as a Monster in-law or the ever so sugar coated in-law, by filmmakers and serials, the character of a mother-in-law in real life is surely different than that pictured. Blessed are some who have an in-law who cares for their daughter-in-law just like a mother and unlucky are those who have to make the tiniest efforts to make their in-law proud of them. So, in order to maintain harmony in the family and to help you keep it united, her are tips to help you deal with your in-law after your marriage.

Say Bye-Bye To Ego
When it comes to your mother-in-law, it is obvious that she knows more than you (yes…you may disagree to this at point, but above all she knows things better). So, listen to her and keep your boiling points cool when she asks you to do certain things. You must learn to let go the egoistic attitude of yours and accept the things as they come.

Divide And Rule
There has to be the division of work as far as handling the household is concerned. Dividing the responsibility would be a sensible decision as even your mother-in-law needs a helping hand. So, divide your work, and rule the house together with love.

Speak Up At Right Time
At times you feel that your needs are just being ignored and this is the time when you have to take your stand and make your mother-in-law understand with polite words, about your thoughts and needs. Well, I am sure that unless you speak up for your rights there would hardly be anyone listening to you or pay heed to your deep emotions.

Don’t Give Explanation For Little Things
It is your mother-in-law and not a monster in disguise. You are not always answerable to her. She is equally like your mother as well. Keep things precise and it would be all fine.

Fulfill Your Expectations
Expect better from yourself. And keep on trying new things. This does not mean that you keep the expectations too high that you find it difficult to achieve. Take help from your mother-in-law for the best needs and give your best efforts.

Be Transparent Regarding Likes & Dislike
Keep your mind clear about everything. Do not keep the things to your heart to rot your mind. Rather, let your mother-in-law know about the things you like and dislike. This would make things simple and appropriate.

Know What to Speak At What Time
It is must for you to assure that you hold on to your tongue in a way to keep the peace of your house intact. It is your moral responsibility to respect others and manage everything with ease and a calm mind.

Keep Personal Problems To Yourself
Keep your personal problems between you and your partner. Be it any misunderstanding or small fights. Never involve your mother-in-law or other family members in your disputes. Do not stretch and spread the martial problems. Keep it personal.

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