How To Escape from Dangers – Safety Tips From a Cop!

It was time to return home from work. Lost in her thoughts, she fiddled with her mobile, reading the messages when They came on a bike and snatched her purse. There was no way she could react within that small fraction of time.

In our everyday life, we unfortunately come across several such situations or rather say, Emergency situations that can be life risking. With the growing market instability and job issues, a lot of people have turned towards the wrong path, stealing and robbery! Whether it is broad daylight or the dark nights, you can never predict when someone comes and robs you of all that you are carrying with you. It may be your office laptop, your purse, your gold, etc. As a result, in order to prepare the public for such situations, there are safety tips that have been circulated by Cops via social media platforms. These tips are not just life saving but also very practical. Follow them and you can escape the dangers surrounding you. It is for you, your family and your loved ones!

Here are 9 Safety tips that you should be prepared for.

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  1. Tae Kwon Do Tip

In your entire body, your elbow is the strongest point. If you are standing close enough to your attacker, choose to use your elbow.

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  1. Safety with purse

If a robber asks you for your purse or your wallet, Don’t run away…or give away the purse simply. TOSS the purse away from you and him. Stand Still and once he moves towards the purse… start running away from the robber as fast as you can. The robber surely wants the money from your purse and not your life.

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  1. Kidnap

This may sound a bit filmy, but a lot of kidnappers dump the victim into the trunk of the car. Well, in such a situation, simply kick as hard as you can at the back tail lights of the car from within the trunk. Stick your hand out of the hole and wave. People in the vehicles behind your car will notice for sure.

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  1. Women Watch

After shopping, working, eating or any activity, women have a basic tendency to sit idly in their vehicles to check their phones or the stuff they have. This IS NOT a good thing. While you are doing this, Chances are that your attacker is watching you and is looking for a perfect chance to attack you. He may simply get into the passenger seat and put a gun on your head.

So, first thing you do after getting into your car is… Lock the car and proceed with your plan.

IF the attacker enters your car and holds gun on your head, DO NOT PANIC and DO NOT DO AS TOLD. Instead, simply Run Your Car Into Anything Infront Of You, Wrecking the CAR. This will open the air bags, baffling the attacker and you will have a chance to run away from the car.

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  1. Safety in Parking Area

When you are getting into your car in the parking area, Remember these tips:

– Stay Alert: Look around you, around your car, in the car, on the back seat, floor, etc. before you open and get into it.

– Cars around you: Before entering your car, check if there is a van parked next to your car. If it is, enter your car from the Passenger door. Most serial killers and attackers, attack women when they try to open their car and get into it.

– Precaution: Check if the car next to yours has a male passenger sitting in the driver seat. If yes… Please dont feel shy in walking back into the mall or just taking some help from the security personals in the Parking. It is best to Stay aware and take precautions than fall prey to an attacker.

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  1. Choose Elevators

Whether it is day or night, always choose the elevators rather than the stairs which are usually isolated and perfect locations for a crime.

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  1. Attacked

If you have already been attacked and are targeted by a gun, Choose to run in a zig zag pattern away from your attacker. If your attacker shoots at all, chances that the bullet will touch you are 4 out of 100. Also, you will never be injured in any of your vital organs. This means, you will still be safe and alive.

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  1. Never Help strangers

Never be sympathetic for people you DONT know. The person may just be a serial rapist or a killer, looking for his next target. Ted Bundy, a serial killer was a very good looking and educated man who took help of women based on sympathies and would then get them into his vehicle and kidnap them.

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  1. Home Alone

Your home is the safest place, more because you know every corner of it. However, when alone at night, if you hear disturbing noises such as a woman crying on the road or a baby crying, NEVER GO OUT to Check it. Never Open The Door. Also, if you hear running water from the taps outside your home, let the water flow away rather than wake up and open the doors to close them. These are just simple ways to get you out of your safe Home into the open where you can be attacked by your predator.

According to the cops, there are attackers who record such voices and play them to coax their victim out of the house.

So, Remember these tips, Share them with your friends and dear ones. You may just save someone’s life!

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