How To Get Beautiful And Toned Arms

Being a trend follower, means wearing the latest fashion garments sleeveless, backless or full sleeves! But, wearing sleeveless is something that not all women are comfortable with. The reasons are many! Flabby arms, improperly toned muscles, darkened underarms and so on. Well, every time we watch Sex and The City or any beautiful actress, wearing those sexy revealing outfits, it is mandatory to feel ashamed of our not so worked up hands.

But not to worry! Here are 5 very basic and effective ways to get attractive arms in just no time. But, remember, there are no shortcuts or instant solutions to get an attractive arm. So, make sure you workout and look good in all your sleeveless and stylish clothes with beautiful toned up arms.

  • Get dumbbells weighing around 3-5 pounds or if you can, 8-10 pounds.

  • A comfortable exercise mat.

Getting started

Exercise these basics at least 2 or 3 days a week (alternate days). Before you start, warm up for 5 minutes by jumping high and stretching your muscles.

Do 2 sets for each exercise with 12 repeats. Take Rest for 30 seconds between each set and then continue.

1. Pullover sit ups


  • Lay on your mat keeping your knees bent and feet flat on the mat. Extend your arms over your head using a light weighed dumbbell in both hands.

  • Now contract your abs, lifting your upper body slowly upwards from the head, shoulders and back, while keeping the lower back on the mat firmly.

  • Simultaneously, bring the arms in an arc form towards the knees.

  • Hold the position for a few seconds and slowly reverse the actions.

  • Incase this feels difficult for you, you may simply lay back on your mat and just move your arms in an arc form.

  • In order to make the exercise harder, a chest press seems to be the right choice. This can be achieved by keeping your elbows bent towards your chest. Slowly, straighten your arms and come back in the start position.

2. Chair dips


  • Easy to perform almost any place, a chair dip helps strengthen your arm muscles. Take a strong sturdy chair and keep your legs at 90degree while lowering your body by simply bending the arms on the chair.

  • Sit in this position for a while with your hands bent off the chair.

  • You may also keep both legs straight in front of you, resting casually on the floor.

  • Sit with the palms on the chair and then slide down your butt towards the floor supporting the body by passing the weight to your hands.

  • Keep legs straight and elbows tucked in.

  • The exercise is also great for your abs.

  • Keep your back straight and pull your body from your ab muscles, also exercising your hands.

  • Perform at least 8 sets.

3. Bicep curls


  • Stand straight with your hands relaxed on the sides of your body with dumbbells in both the hands.

  • Bend the left arm upwards to 90 degrees keeping the dumbbell vertical. Hold for a while and then bring the right arm up to the shoulder, keeping the elbow at the side. Relax each hand alternately.

  • Perform for a minimum 10 sets.

  • If not comfortable with the dumbbells in a vertical position, hold them in a horizontal position to the floor.

4. Hover rotations


  • A core strengthening exercise that also tones your hand.

  • Position your body in a push-up position, but with your body weight on your elbow (rested on the floor) and the sides of your heels.

  • Keep y your body in a straight line from head to the heels.

  • Hold for 20 seconds and then relax.

  • Repeat the exercise for a minimum of 4 times.

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For an advanced position, Lay on the floor facing the sky and leaning on your elbows and knees little bent. Lift the body from the hips towards the ceiling and hold for 8 seconds. Relax and repeat again for 4 sets.

5. Arm raises


  • Stand straight with the dumbbells at your sides in each palm, facing the thighs.

  • Place one foot ahead and bend a little.

  • Now raise one weight up, up to the shoulder height forming an L shape.

  • Bring the hand down and then repeat for the other hand.

  • Perform for a minimum 12 sets.

  • If needed, you may also perform the exercise with both hands together.

  • Perform just 10 repeats and take rest.

With these exercises, you will get well toned, Angelina Jolie like arms, perfect for all sleeveless and sexy garments hidden in your closet.

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