How To Look Chic In Today’s New Year Party!

Once again it is time for us to say adieu to another year. As always I like to end it all with a big bang. “Drama” that`s the way I want to end the year. Go bold, go deep, hence it`s all about dramatic eye shadow and bold lips.

Eyes – I absolutely love the Lakme palette that I have used. It`s the quartet “Peacock”. These eye shadows have a really great finishing, almost silken in texture. The color pay off is brilliant. The green and the blue simply drive me insane! All the colors are deep, dense, glittery, shimmery and everything you want them to be. Use a damp brush while applying these colors. You can use the green if you like. It`s as regal and as awesome as the blue.

Nyx`s rose gold pigment is another delicious product. Combine both and wing out your eye shadow, use loads of mascara and maybe false eye lashes too and baby we have drama, lots of it.

Keeping the eyeliner thin will bring out the eye shadow a lot more. Don`t forget to prime your lids.

Lips: I`ve used “Rebel” from MAC which just adds a lot more to this look. Chose any deep color for your lips and of course use a lip liner too.

Face: A blush for the night is a must.”Posey” from MAC is a enchanting.

Now that we are ready, let us end the year on a great note. Don’t forget to use your favorite perfume, and put on that smile on. Voila you are ready.

And yes, cheers my lovelies, do dance the night away.

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