Christmas makeup

How To Look Party Ready This Christmas And New Year?

Feeling Festive?? Look and feel beautiful this party season with our makeup tips for your upcoming Christmas and new year parties.

For a holiday glam, try bright red matte lipstick with shimmery eyes and a winged eyeliner. Don’t forget to accentuate your look with fake eyelashes. If you don’t think, red is your colour try deep plums and browns for the winter effect. Indians have a beautiful skin tone – Believe me, any color will look good on you if you wear a foundation and even out your skin tone.

Go bold with your fake eyelashes, pick up the heaviest and layer on your mascara on your lower lashes.

If you are partying every day, make sure you are using a foundation that takes care of your skin. I am using the YSL forever youth liberator foundations that has anti ageing benefits that nourish and protect your skin.

Instead of a blusher try contouring your cheeks with shimmery bronzer this season. It will make your cheeks glow and will give your face a slim chiseled effect.

Eyebrows are very much made to frame your face. With that in mind, simple grooming will help a lot. This includes combing the hairs and filling the bare spots. Finish with a transparent eyebrow setting gel.

And lastly, try and choose a bright or darker-shade in lipstick with a satin finish as this also helps it stay on longer. Apply your lipstick of choice in two swipes. Blot a couple times on a tissue and repeat with another swipe of lipstick, followed by another blot. Do this until you score your desired color strength.

For reference, I am attaching a picture of me this party season with my kind of makeup look. Stay Beautiful!!

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