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How To Select A Guy From Matrimony Website

Marriages are made heaven…or so we think! But if they are destined, why do we really need sources like Matrimony sites to reach out to our partners?

In modern India today, most people follow love marriages and a second majority follows arranged marriages. And the result of both is the same, Happily Married ever after! But, for all you ladies who haven’t yet fallen in love or been hooked up with some guy that your parents have chosen, there still lies a solution, the Matrimony sites!

Finding that dark, tall and handsome prince charming, who is also well educated, well settled, has good ethics and a family background seems almost like an impossible task. But, these matrimonial sites promise to give you everything you need in your partner. It’s more like a processed machine of producing perfect customized male partners for all the Indian ladies. And yes, the number of matches is enormous. Once registered, you will see at least 20 matches each week, all matching your requirements. But, how do you really find out if the guy is genuine, not a cheat and will love you forever? The only way to find out is by checking out these points below. Try to cross-check if the guy really has these qualities in him before you say I Do with him.

  • Is the portfolio rightly filled?
    Every matrimonial site you see has thousands of eligible guys waiting to find their soul mates. Finding a suitable match for you out of these millions is surely a difficult task. But to start with, check his portfolio, if it is rightly filled. Check the address, employer’s name, pictures, and also the time since when he has been active on the matrimonial site. Ask questions…why he has been single for such a long time, why he has not yet been able to find an ideal match, etc.
  • Check the family background
    In India, marriages are not just about two people. It is more about two families. So, make sure you check the family background of the guy. See the profession of the parents, their likes and dislikes and what kind of bride they are looking for, for their son. IF these things match you, only then think of going ahead and checking out the compatibility of the boy with you.
  • Are his interests, goals and attitude compatible with yours?
    What are the likes and dislikes, goal in life, interests, hobby, friends and work like in guy? Check each of these aspects carefully. Even if they may not match you 100%, at least half of the interests should be compatible with you. Once so, only then plan on chatting with the guy and exchanging numbers. Remember, never give away your contact details easily on matrimony sites. You never know when people may misuse it.
  •  Is he open when talking to you?
    Congratulations! Now that you are a step up, and chatting with the guy, check if he talks to you openly or not. Also keep your brain, eyes and ears open. Does his way of conduct or interests contrast with what was earlier provided in his profile? If so, simply back off. But, on the other hand, if you think his behavior is friendly and comforting, only then think of going ahead with the relation.
  • Does he accept your highs and lows?
    Well… check if the guy accepts your lows and highs. It’s important that he understands you just the way you are. Don’t be confused by the sympathy and affection that he may shower on you at this point. You never know when this affection may convert into anger or even domestic violence after marriage.
  • Do you feel comfortable talking to him?
    When you are around him or talking to him, do you feel comfortable? Does he make you feel loved, warm and safe? If so, it’s a Thumbs’ up for the guy and may be also for your relation.
  • His point-of-view about marriage
    And lastly, before you nod your head yes for marriage with him, make sure you understand his point-of-view about marriage. It is not necessary that a guy who is good at heart will also be a good partner in a marriage. Things need to be clear from both sides. Make sure you know whether or not he accepts you as an equal, and agrees to share the responsibilities that the married life brings ahead of you?

If the answers to these questions are satisfying, only then think of going ahead and accepting him as a probable match for you.

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