How To Throw a Super hit Theme Party

I am a party person and I love attending as well as throwing parties. Theme parties are very much in trend these days and thus I usually prefer throwing a theme party. To guarantee the success of your theme party, there are 7 steps you absolutely must know. These 7 steps reveal the secrets to ensuring that every party you ever throw being an amazing success. It’s all about planning and foresight.

Step 1: Choose the correct date and time of your party. Check in with your friends to see if they are available before sending out the invites. That way you can be sure that there will be no disappointment for you even if your friends don’t arrive on the night. A must know tip: Keep in mind that long weekends are the ideal time to plan your theme party. During the long weekends, clubbed with holidays, generally people go away and your guest list will be deprived of your special friends.

Step 2: Decide the theme– choosing a theme for your theme party, it is a good idea to keep in mind the season and time of the year. Theme party is a great opportunity for you to flaunt your costumes that are compatible with the weather at the time of year you are holding your party. Like a flimsy costume on a cold winters evening will not gel well with the season and weather. Keeping the theme party and costumes consistent will ensure everyone is comfortable and contribute greatly towards a successful event.

Step 3: Decide the venue-Preferably choose a venue that is central and easily accessible by all your guests.

Step 4: Decide what to wear-Decide what are you going to wear on that special day. Do not forget to mention the dress code on your invitations.

Step 5: Selecting and Planning Your Menu-The date has been chosen, the venue has been booked, the theme decided and the costume selected. The party is heating up and it’s all good to go. Music, dancing, fun, cheer, goods times and laughter are on their way!! So what are you going to eat? Will you use caterers, cook yourself or go in for a potluck party? Keeping the food within a theme brings the whole party theme together, e.g. if you are holding a Gujrat theme party, the ideal menu should include more of Guajarati dishes.

Step 6: Decoration and Props– No theme party is complete without decorations and props. The decoration and props are guaranteed to send your party off with a bang. They will create an atmosphere that will relax your guests and help them fit in their character for the night. If the budget allows you may want to check out the party hire stores in your city that offer balloons, fog machines, table/chairs, lighting, heaters, cocktail machines etc. However, if your budget does not permit you to do that, you can easily find the decoration stuff related to the theme existing in your house .Trust me on that, you just have to have a keen eye.

Step 7: Select Your Music – Get the Party Rocking Music can be the make or break of any party, so it’s important to take the time to pre-select any music. Make sure the music fits the theme. If your party is western, then obviously country and western music will be consistent with the theme of your party. Remember when planning your next theme party to keep the theme consistent right from the venue, props and decorations leading into the costumes and characters and onto the food and music. If you follow these 7 must know steps you can be rest assured that your next theme party will be a night filled with memories of goods times’ laughter and dancing.

Four weeks before the party: Select the theme for your party

Three weeks before the Party l prepare your guest list, assess the head count, and be flexible. l Decide the activities and games. l Plan your menu. l Decide the party favours. l Have the lists of all the above things with you in black and white.

Two weeks before the party

Decide the costume and from where will you be organizing it. One week before the Party l Make a list of everything that still needs to be done before the party. l Finalize the head count, be flexible! l Send out the invitations. l Collect the required stuff for the party games and activities.

Two to three days before the Party

Place all the orders for cakes and decoration stuff etc. l Make a polite call to those you have not heard from. l Recharge your cameras. l Clean the house.

The day before the Party

Start preparing the food, finish whatever that can be done a day prior like boiling the potatoes and kneading the dough etc. l Arrange the furniture as required. l Start the decoration for the party. l Check out the cutlery, napkins, cups, bowls, utensils, serving dishes, bottle openers, etc.

The day of the Party

Prepare last minute dishes and beverages l Pick up the pre-ordered cakes, flowers etc.

Check the decoration, see if there is anything left to do. Allow yourself plenty of time to get ready for the party, a long bath, glass of juice or wine and exercise, whatever gets you in the right mood.


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