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Human Rights Day – Are We Really Free To Practice All Our Rights?

It is Human Rights Day today. We are celebrating this day because 65 years back in 1950, today the United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution about adopting the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, also invited all States and interested organizations to observe 10 December of each year as Human Rights Day.

The Committee is stretched to work in deep on economic-socio-cultural-political and civic rights of every individual. But what are our basic rights? Are we getting our basic rights the way we should really get? Here we are with Women Planet’s take on Human Rights Day. The basic human rights for every human living on this planet are:

– Right To Food

– Right To Live

– Right To Worship

– Right To Speak

– Right To Freedom

human rights day

Are We Really Living Our Rights?

Millions starve and end up their lives every day due to lack of food. Hundreds of people around the world die on the grounds of accidents, terrorism, crime etc. Numerous battles, clashes and bloodshed has taken place in the name of religion. What are we? Made of same composition? Blood, Bones, Flesh? Why let religion kill each other? The world has democratic, republic and dictator ruled countries.. are we really speaking the truth for the flaws? If at all we are speaking, is the right thing being done to us? Right to freedom, well this we have to some extent; however, issues with every right mentioned above constrains the very right to do anything. Doesn’t it?

Today, on this occasion, let’s take an oath to live and let live. Happy Human Rights Day.

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