A Humble Message to Men and Women Regarding Marriage

The wedding season is on and I see a lot of folks getting ready for their big day. Marriage is often considered to be the sacred bond that unites two individuals to live the rest of their life together, sharing all the precious moments that life throws at them both, good or bad.

The word marriage, however, means differently to different people. Marriage for me is just a way to inform the society that we’re together now and my belief is still very much intact that you don’t need to get married only to spend your life happily with someone. I may be right or wrong but that’s just my point of view.

Millions get married every year all over the world and my opinion doesn’t matter. As a matter of fact, it’s all about doing what makes you happy or what you believe will make you happy. There is no guarantee in life but that doesn’t mean we stop living it. But, you can still hold on to people’s advice or just keep them locked in some corner of your mind, only to take help from them later on. So, here is my humble message to all the Men and Women reading this:

For Women,

  1. Never compromise on your career in the name of marriage. If your future husband or his family can’t take you otherwise then I feel they don’t deserve you at the first place.
  2. Being a mother and raising a family is an important decision and a mutual one, of course. Take it wisely.
  3. Look for a partner who can understand your needs and goals in life and never ever asks you to compromise your life goals for the family.
  4. There’s no right age for marriage. Marry only when you feel so and have found the right partner.
  5. Marriage doesn’t mean the end of your personal life. Chill out, enjoy with your friends sometimes even after marriage.

For Men,

  1. Support your spouse if she wants to pursue her career goals. Act as a friend to her rather a husband and see how beautiful life becomes.
  2. Becoming a father right after marriage isn’t a task that needs to be achieved. So, take your time and enjoy the life together. Be ready for that big step and think thoroughly before making the right decision.
  3. Look for a partner who is clear with her life goals. If you have expectations of any sort from her then make it clear with her right before marriage rather than blurting it out after marriage.
  4. Similarly as for women, there’s no right age for marriage for men too. Take your time, find the right partner for your life and then tie the knot.
  5. Don’t let marriage be a burden on your personal life instead make it your strength to enjoy life to the fullest.

Above all, consider marriage as a partnership between two people where both the parties make equal effort, both at home and at professional level to build a family together. Remember, it’s the mutual understanding between the couple that guarantees a long lasting relationship. I don’t think either of them needs to compromise to lead a happy married life together.

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