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Hypocrisies That Binds The Modern Humankind!

In the world full of chaos, people show their positive side to LGBT, feminism and equality but there are still so many hypocrites in the society, who never accept they are a hypocrite. Years have passed, generations have been changed, but their thinking limits have never extended to the world of modernization.

Hypocrisies they are aware of, hypocrisies they subconsciously speak of, hypocrisies they subconsciously or consciously follow and enforce on others, are the ones binding our society to progress in the path of success and distressful life.

Here are some of those prevalent Hypocrisies:

Hypocrisy 1:

Men should not hit women, no matter how wrong she is, but if a woman hits a man, she is brave enough to defend herself!

I raise a question here. What makes you think woman hitting a man is ALWAYS a brave thing? Is it not possible that a man could be the victim of domestic violence? According to the  International Dating Violence Study, which studied approx 13,500 students, 24.4% of males had experienced minor IPV (intimate partner violence) and 7.6% had experienced severe assault. The best things to do here is research or think before you pass out a statement or just Keep Silence!

hypocrisy 1

Source: http://i.telegraph.co.uk/multimedia/archive/02509/women-fist_2509597b.jpg

Hypocrisy 2:

Women should not be out of home after evening as it’s not safe, but men can stay out as long as they wish to commit crimes!

It’s a good sign that you take care of your women in the life. If it is not safe for them, is it safe for men out there? Or if there are crimes happening out there, they are majorly operated by men. Have you ever questioned a male about the reason to stay out for long hours? If not, please do because letting the crime happen and not helping the victim is also a CRIME!

hypocrisy 2


Hypocrisy 3:

 These days’ women work and are a homemaker too, they must be, BUT men should only work at office, because helping women is not manly!

It’s a great thing you love your wife/mother/sister. You do everything for her which she would love to the core but is your love so weak that it would not be manly, just because you helped your loved one in the household chores? You are tired but she is too! You love spending time with your kids, she dies for it! You are hungry working after long hours, definitely she is too! There are so many things you both are equally contributing, then why not this. If you have not yet offered her help, just try once and see the smile :)

P.S – If you speak about equality and doesn’t really help your female relative when she really need one, It Stands no Truth!

hypocrisy 3


Hypocrisy 4:

Women portray her as a feminist and talks about equality in gender BUT then expect men to follow: Ladies First!

This is the worst thing I see around every now and then. There are women who believe they are independent, progressive, feminist and also those who blabber a lot about equality suddenly becomes a hypocrite. When? When there is a huge line on the ticket counter, a feminist voice emerges from behind: “Ladies First!”, when there is a sale in mall and some guy just selected something she likes, the word comes again: “Ladies First!”. Where the hell your equality goes? Apparently evaporated! If you are one such women or a girl, just think about it!

P.S – Elderly and pregnant ladies please do not consider this point.

hypocrisy 4

Source: http://www.theepochtimes.com/news_images/highres/2006-10-20-ww23110086.jpg

Hypocrisy 5: 

Women wishes to be as independent as men in the society BUT at times if she has to pay the restaurant bill, men are put into the category of ‘No Gentleman’!

What is wrong if women pay the restaurant bill occasionally? I am sure your guy would not allow you pay it every time but definitely if you as a woman pay it someday, you would feel much better. Well, the great idea what I feel always work is, chip-in or keep it as an alternative turn :)

hypocrisy 5


Hypocrisy 6:

Women relocates her life wherever the husband is and may have to end her career BUT if  same thing a men does, he is called as submissive! ( Indian term- Jhoru ka ghulaam)

I really want to know why? Are they only men in society, who enjoy choosing their career limit, the place to live after the marriage? I have often heard mothers educating daughters: ‘Beta, pati jaha hai, vahi tumhara sansaar hai’, ‘vahi tumhari zindagi hai’, and what not! Rarely I have seen any husband or in-laws saying: ‘Agar tumhari job relocatble nahi hai to koi baat nahi, main shift kar lunga.’ Imagine how simple life would have been with just a simple step. The great potential to bring a never ending respect and empowerment lies in this simple step. So, go ahead!

hypocrisy 6

Source: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-bgg7PMjzTKc/VCJN60vK2rI/AAAAAAABKWw/9DxZP-GsNkE/s1600/556543-image-1369929594-816-640×480.jpg

Hypocrisy 7:

High expectation from son and underestimation from the daughter!

Having belief in boy-the one who can financially bare us in old days and not daughters because they get married is one of the reasons why people prefer boy child over a girl. Things which your son is capable of doing, I am sure the daughters are too! All she need is a little encouragement which in Indian society has always been underestimated! I guess parents should not forget that their sons are the one who forget them in their old days and all there roads goes to daughters!

Message is just that, encourage your daughters and wives to contribute to the family if she wishes to. Let her feel proud and know what all she is capable of!

hypocrisy 7

Source: http://www.christianitytoday.com/images/28240.jpg?w=540

Hypocrisy 8:

Women are secluded in many countries for releasing one egg every month (period) BUT  why don’t they seclude men everyday for releasing millions? (Sarcasm)

This might hurt many sentiments or may find this offensive but I apologize, this is what I have to say. Just because women bleed red, they are secluded and not men because they bleed white? The world is aware why periods happen and why it is so essential. Both sperm and ova are responsible for the life-cycle then why so many do’s and don’ts to women for releasing one ova per month? These processes have not much difference! All I want to say is accept period as a happy period, something that’s a gift. No men or women’s natural process should be tied with the rituals and beliefs that are nothing but just myths!

hypocrisy 8


Hypocrisy 9:

Hatred of two straight people can be gulped BUT love between two people belonging to LGBT group is intolerable!

The statement above explains enough! When we talk about freedom to this…right to that… etc, everything is cool, then what happens that your eyebrow raises up and mouth open wide when you here about LGBT? They are humans too. Everybody have their own choices and life to decide on. Who are we to trash someone’s love for somebody? I guess it’s only the supreme power which decides the laws, not any courts or mere US! Love is something which is always placed at the highest level, regardless of love between animals, between two homosexuals or heterosexuals. The feeling which brings togetherness and happiness would always be LOVE, today, tomorrow and ever!

hypocrisy 9

Source: http://images.hngn.com/data/images/full/5980/doma.jpg

If things, a bit as a beginning and bit every day change the above hypocrisies, the world may be the spectator of never seen peace!

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