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I Am 30 And Now I Choose To Marry, So What?

I rushed to the door for the fourth time today, to welcome the influx of friends and family at our house. Excited I was, it was my 30th birthday after all and my near and dear ones had left no stones unturned to make it a big day! In midst of the party atmosphere and those birthday wishes, they were pulling my leg for also being the to-be bride in next 3 months. Post the Birthday celebrations, at dinner some far relative of mine raised a question; “ What took you so long to get married, you are 30 now. Isn’t it too late for a woman? ”

All my teenage years and while growing young, the thoughts of women getting married early and being pushed into lot many unknown responsibilities disturbed me. The thoughts of giving a lecture to every other young married woman, jumped in my mind but it wasn’t my business, people had their own choices to make. But now that someone from the family has raised the right question at the right time, I couldn’t keep my thoughts to myself! Thus, I just shared what I thought I should say and what was right!

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To everyone in the family, friends and the people who bother other’s lives so much, let me tell you that I faced no problem to find a right guy, who matches my thoughts but it was my decision to get married a little late than the conventional time every other woman follows and for the same I have my own reasons, not necessarily you should like them too.

I am the only daughter of my parents, who have spent their last penny for my studies, to make me stand tall in future and I just couldn’t let go of giving them the credits they deserve. I wish them to see my success each day. To feel content that their money, love, sacrifices and hard work aren’t waste. No less thought on me being a financial support, that I would forever be!

Marriage is not a simple, small and secretive business. It requires complex dedications and ample amount of time involving two families, at times the one who proposes the marriage – three families! When my career is in the built, I have no time for all these family formalities, not that I don’t believe in them. I do, but whenever I do, I wanted it to be perfect.

Marriage comes with varied new relations. Within an hour I am someone’s wife, a daughter-in-law and varied other relations from my husband’s side. I want to cherish them all, but not partial heartedly! I do not want to divide my time while studying, giving exams and then thinking about where to work, I wanted all these to happen when I am done with them. Now, when I am at home all my time is for my husband and his family and of course my parents on long distance!

Being a woman of thirty, I have seen the world! A world which demands sacrifice, compromise, loads of tushions, which made me a strong independent woman! Today, I know how to handle a financial crisis along with managing a family, I know how to crack a huge loan while managing the home budget after spending them on the basics. No, if you think I am self praising chatter box, I have seen women struggling even to have their say in a family post marriage. Why? Because it is none of her business, her business is to cook, work at home, be happy and to expand the family! But this is not it!

Now that I am a young woman, career oriented simultaneously a family loving person, who knows how to cook and to be happy while also having the capabilities of tackling the worldly chaos with my husband, and eagerly awaited to be a great daughter-in-law and in future a loving dedicated mother, Am I ready to get married?

I shared this on my birthday, and to my question nobody replied but stood for a standing ovation. My father couldn’t hold his tears back while my fiancé is all proud and lucky to have me! My mother, like all mothers neither was she able to control her tears nor herself from hugging me and leaving a peck on my cheek. Everyone had got their answers, which they might have struggled to get in those hundreds of gossips in 5-6 years and I got retention on my thoughts, a relief. I am a complete woman, marrying at the right age!

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