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I Am Blind But I Discarded My Disability : Beno Zephine

Before 12th June 2015, Beno Zephine was just a probationary officer at State Bank of India in Chennai, but what happened next has changed her life, leaving all of us inspired.

Who says we cannot achieve what we deeply wish to? It is our mental strength and inclination that pulls us apart from the crowd and not the physical ability or the appearance. And the similar thing happened to Beno Zephine, who is completely blind. On 12th of this month, External Affairs Ministry informed her that she had officially been inducted into the 69-year-old Indian Foreign Service. Yes, you read it right!

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Beno is  postgraduate in English from Madras University, she is extremely excited about the new adventure that the BJP government has offered her to accomplish. “”I have no role models but believe in my individuality”, “Parents, especially my mother, read a lot of books and newspapers to me,” reported Times of India.

Inspiring the women across the nation, she also said  “It is vitally important to discard disability from the mind”. Beno said her father, Luke Anthony Charles, a railways employee, and mother Mary Padmaja, a homemaker, have been a huge inspiration. Parents are like shadow in all our ups and downs but all that works majorly is our perseverance and willpower.

Being 100% blind, she cleared one of the most difficult UPSC examinations, giving us a mighty example of ‘Nothing is Impossible’.

You inspire us Beno Zephine, we wish women across the nation take this message from her and break all those clutches which are holding them back. Looking towards an India which is powerful and strengthened by Women of such Caliber, like Beno Zephine!! Its time to shift from Women Empowerment to Women Empowered!!

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