I Am Forced Into A Marriage With A Guy 10 Years Older To Me, Can You Help Me Stop It?

Like every other love story across the world, I had my own unique love story. But unlike others, Indian love stories come with the caste tags, rejections and acceptance followed by that. Being born into Bengali scheduled caste, my parents believed that I should marry a man of the same caste but can someone tell them, that Love has no religion?

I wish they learn that when love strikes, it doesn’t look for money, looks, religion or for that matter anything, all it requires is the heart beats to be matched. But I am not lucky to have such parents, yes I say that! I am a very simple girl, who thought parents should be the first to know my love interest, and for doing so, I was immediately home arrested. They stopped my college and eyed on me like a hawk!

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Upon crying, pleading and blackmailing, they allowed me to complete my graduation but trust me I had very rough  time living like a prisoner. I could complete my studies but couldn’t pursue any further! Meanwhile they had a list of eligible boys for me to get married, soon! Father had actually arranged my meeting with a guy when I was not even graduate. What would a decent girl do? I agreed to meet the guy but in a meeting with him, I told him the truth that, I was not ready to marry him for two reasons: 1) I was just 21  and 2) I was in love with someone else.

Time was not supportive that was apparent, but it would this unsupportive was something I had least expected. The guy whom I told the truth called up my father and added more masala to what I had requested him to keep it with himself. What then? The influx of taunts had just began which were nothing less than killing someone steadily: “You are a burden to us.” “You are getting older day by day, no one will ever marry you”, “We cannot feed you for whole life, get married to someone and go from here.” And at times “Mar Jao to accha hai, ye din to na dekhna padta.”

A question may arise from your end, “Why is she not trying to quit the house, or why she is not working somewhere to get temporary relief?”  I have tried them all! As I said, time was unsupportive of me, I had managed to appear for some exams so that I can leave the city for MBA but my father refused to either pay me any fees or let me out of the house. I am at home since three years, DOING NOTHING and GOING CRAZY! When I disclosed my interest to study further, I was said that there is a financial crisis; however, I have often seen my father making expensive purchases for house and for himself.

Like many families in India, surprising is the fact that parents do not have money for their child’s education but they have millions to pay for her DOWRY! Yes, My father has fixed my marriage with a  guy who is 10 years older to me, without my consent, without my happiness! They want me to marry him as soon as possible. Why? So that I do not create any previous mistakes of telling the truth. So that, I shall not lose such a good guy! Good guy because he is rich and works in a government sector! Don’t we know how important money is, More than love and compatibility?

The fact that I do not love him, do not find him interesting, I will have to marry him for he is the one my parents are forcing me into. Rich, educated, way older than me, government job holder but still demanding Dowry!! I am helpless, everything will be changed for no good in this November. Who can help me? The person I loved? He couldn’t and cannot! For he is not from my caste, for he is not rich, for he doesn’t have a father and for he is the sole caretaker of his mother and sister. Thus my father believes he is a failure!

But wait, you can help me! You can help other women like me, can you? I haven’t disclosed my identity here, for I am afraid of a life risk but let me tell you that you can surely share this article that it can reach every corner of India, specially Ranchi. That’s all I can say! I am not happy, I feel like dying but that’s not I would like to do! You can help me out of this life! Please do!

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