Woman Rehab for Men 1

I am Married and Working – My Job is to Fix my Husband’s Flaws and Make Him a Good Human Being!

Life is funny! And for Women, it is a perfect mix of everything, suspense, thriller, action, comedy and lots and lots of Drama.

Getting bored? Take your cell and call any woman you know and talk to her about her life! I bet you with my last dime, you will be entertained more than you could bargain for! In India, women are considered as magicians but without a WAND! They should be perfect in every sense! Smart enough to be married off to a Man! Good looking to match an average looking Spouse! Educated and Working to be able to teach the Future kids and also earn money for the family. A good Cook to be able to feed the family and an expert in housekeeping! Pardon me if I have missed out on some of the other responsibilities a woman is entrusted on with.

Woman Rehab for Men

Yes, we live in a modern world where women have reached the moon and are CEO’s of some of the most prestigious multi-national companies. BUT, deep down at the grassroot level, we still have to fight against the basic societal problems like dowry, gender equality, rape and what not! And if not all these, then we surely have to fight in our own homes, or Correction Centres where we are entrusted with the basic job of rehabilitating our dearest husbands (raised badly by their dearest mothers) who may not be wrong but are also not right in raising their sons.

Don’t get me wrong! There are men who have been beautifully raised by their mothers. I am talking about that small percentile of men whose mothers expect their daughter-in-laws to rehabilitate their sons completely. In a brilliant article that has gone viral across the web, a woman named Jaseena Backer has shared her conversation with her domestic help on the web. The message of her article is straight forward and simple – Women, especially a wife is not a rehab center for your poorly raised son, where she is entrusted with the duty of correcting his bad habits, something that his mother failed in doing so in the many years of upbringing.

Jaseena Backer


Jaseena shares:

Domestic Help: “My son drinks. My daughter-in-law is no good. She can’t stop him nor keeps the drinking under control.”

“Only if the woman who comes home to be a wife is good will the husband turn out to be good,” she judgmentalism.

You have to be a good woman, respectful, because one day you will be someone’s wife, you will have to learn family morals… what it is to be a good woman????

“She has been married to him for 8 years and I wonder what the hell she has been doing all these years of marriage?”

Jaseena: “What were you doing for 28 years?” I asked her

Domestic Help: “Means?” she questioned.

Jaseena: “Your son has been with you 28 years before marriage and what were you doing then to correct him?” I asked her.

Domestic Help: “I am the mother I have limitations and he wont listen to me. She is a wife she should control him,” she said.

Jaseena: “What you couldn’t do for son in 28 years you expect her to do in 8 years?” I asked her.

Domestic Help: “Men are like raw mangoes. The wife can be good and let the mango ripen, and if the wife is bad then she will rotten the mango,” was her organic explanation.

Jaseena: “Did you tell your daughter-in-law before marriage that your son was a drunkard,” I asked her.

Domestic Help: “No, I got him married thinking the wife will fix it all,” she told me blatantly.

Jaseena: “So she can actually sue you for selling her a rotten mango,”

In our so called patriarchal society, women are considered the pivotal pillar of the family. She is considered the teacher, preacher, nurturer and almost everything one can think off! But still, she is not given due credit that needs to be given to her for holding the family together and ensuring that the kids become good humans as they grow. While men are just considered as the earning members in the house with no added responsibility, an added benefit for their gender. So, when something goes wrong in a family, the society blames the woman in the house. But, in the modern household, the new generation woman who are now independent and open minded, refuse to remain suppressed, suffer and be blamed for what is not their fault.

What we need today is to consider both men and women as equals. And not consider women as the rehab centers for men.

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