Rene verma I am not down

I Am Not Down – Rene Verma’s Rap On Menstruation

She ain’t no Rapper,

She ain’t no film maker!

All she is, is a Woman with a smart-ass intellectual grey matter,

And All she wants is to make the people realize about their double standard brain power!!

Rene Verma, yes the girl who simply chucked Yo-Yo Honey Singh with her rap, is back with a new, interesting rap about Menstruation.

With lines such as ’25 days of Buffering and 5 days of Suffering’ she rightly describes every emotion of a woman related to menstruation. She Raps right on target about the stained pajamies, the wrapping of your pads in old newspapers, carrying them in black polythene bags and the typical notion….of those days of the month.

I am Not Down – Is just what you will love listening to especially if you are a True woman at heart, not the one with the stained mentality. And yes, she proves it right, I am Not Down..

Here is a look at Rene’s I am not Down video!!

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