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I Am Voluptuous And I Find Myself Sexy!

It’s been four years I have realized one thing that men choose women on the basis of their body type. This is not for the men who have engraved the meaning of beauty within, but for those men who keep rejecting woman for being plump. I have seen more than 10 men for marriage, have liked some but no one has yet liked me without terms and conditions. Reason? Because I am 71kgs, 5.4 inches! The few yes that came were with asterisks to follow: Reduce to 50kgs, change your lifestyle, work on your hip region etc. Certain men do not like to get mingled with a type of girls : The plump girls, the ones who have extra ounce of flesh on their body.

I have my own type, why should I change for someone who has different mentality than mine? I am plump and I am confident in my body. No, I don’t regret that how fat is me, but what I regret is, my disqualification in making people understand that, it isn’t 36-26-36 that defines beauty but it is your good health and the character you carry. Not once, twice but several times I have been mocked at, laughed at with words like, “Don’t you take double the time to bath than we do as you have huge surface to clean?” “Hey, please pass me that t-shirt. Isn’t sexy? Oh, I am sorry. Should I call the customer care and complain that they have forgotten to manufacture your size?”

thin vs fat

What do you think I will answer? Will I get annoyed? Yes, I wouldn’t lie, that makes me little angry and more sadden. Sadden about the fact that, she considered being skinny is beautiful, being in those numbers is sexy but can someone tell her that what she calls a perfect figure is a body of 12 year old and what I have is a body of a woman! Yes, I agree that I couldn’t buy certain clothes as I do not fit in them but that doesn’t plop my confidence graph, I have other things to wear and look beautiful in.

To all those men who reject woman who are chubby or fat, let me remind you that you are going to marry a woman not her body. You will have to be compatible with her thought process and not her figure. Yes, these slim girls look pretty but we do not look ugly either. The problem is you have not learnt to perceive the definition of being beautiful.

Yes I am obese and I will reduce only if it is coming on my way of living fit and healthy, not to impress the passerby or any random man who doesn’t even know what beauty is! Thanks to Vogue Magazine’s September 2015 edition, which proved that being plump is sexy, fierce and confident. The magazine’s double spread showcasing plus size models represents Lane Bryant’s campaign #PlusIsEqual, which believes every woman should be seen and celebrated equally.

What makes me often wonder is what makes people stare, laugh and pass lewd comments on people who are fat? Remember ladies, there is nothing wrong with your body, but there is something wrong in the messages which try to convince you otherwise.

‘God made a very obvious choice when he made me voluptuous; why would I go against what he decided for me? My limbs work, so I’m not going to complain about the way my body is shaped.’ Drew Barrymore!!

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