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I Dared To Say NO To Him After Engagement: Suchi Gaur

I am a well educated North Indian woman, who believes in simplicity. Right from my childhood I was a very modest person. I belong to an upper middle class family. My family was never rigid in getting me married. But with time as they grow old somewhere down the line, they shared their thoughts of wanting to see me settled with a compatible partner.

In the past I had two relationships. I fell in love twice and faced betrayal both times. Slowly, I lost all interest in love and went into depression for some time. I had started doubting myself, particularly due to the failed relations. I am good to people, even when it is a stranger. But why me?

My parents very well knew what I was going through. But, they never dragged me or forced me to get married. But slowly I decided to get married and my parents happily supported me again. With my consent, they registered my name in some matrimony firm to get a suitable groom for myself.


I am well educated, independent holding a double masters degree with a good job. It took time to find a suitable partner based on our likes. On the First meeting, the guy seemed very cool and understanding person. He was good with my family and treated me very well. We both had spent few moments together and I was comfortable with him. We decided to get engaged.


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Soon after the engagement, the guy started showing his true colors. He started fooling me, ignoring my calls giving all silly excuses from his side sufficed me. I believed everything he told me for not picking my calls. But soon, I came to my senses when a common relative told us about the truth. The guy and his family were Fooling us. The guy was unemployed and wanted an independent women who can feed him and his parents. No doubt I was independent I can always feed him and his parents for the rest of the life if he loved me truly. But instead, the guy was a Big Cheat. Although he was engaged to me, he had affairs with several college going girls and with one of his ex-colleagues.


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Me and my parents were taken aback. It was time to say NO to the Guy whom I Got ENGAGED. My parents and sisters helped me to get out of the mess. But, it’s not easy staying in the Indian Society. I received the worst reaction from my relatives and loved ones. People started to question me and my abilities of judging others. My aunties and neighbors look at me as I have murdered someone. It has to be otherwise but here I was the one who was suffering.

Today, I am still in trauma, sick and tired of getting into a relationship and getting betrayed. I have lost all hopes. I am at that miserable state where I really feel pity on myself. But, I am helpless. I hope my thoughts settle and I will soon start to believe that I will find someone matching my wavelength. I will not stop to believe in love come what happens. I will move on with life and promise to stay happy!

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