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I Decided Not To Marry Ever, Why Does The Society Has A Problem?

I am 28 year old girl, happy, independent and the one who spends her time doing what she loves the most. Being blessed with parents who never discriminated me for I am their girl child upon my brother nor did they ever stop me from following my instincts. For god’s grace, we didn’t had critical financial crisis, more or less everyone has! Studied well, have good friends and family, living my dream what else I would need? Nothing but to live them all!

I mentioned everything I have, everything I do but now all of a sudden since few years I believe it is being restricted by the society, by the people I love! You might have guessed it by now that they are forcing me to get married to a well settled guy. Not that the ‘Well Settled’ is a condition, it’s just that I never have given a thought about it. And I think I would love to remain as a spinster ever in my life! An Unmarried Woman Forever!

It’s not that I do not like kids or I am afraid of commitments or relationships, well you can judge me as the society does! But that’s what I want to do, I don’t want to care which I cannot say once I get married as I will have those tens of new relationships to handle for which I might have to give up the life I am living or make a change to it! And I am not ready! I would never want to force any guy to accept what I love, I would never want him to compromise for family things I am failure at, I would never like to be a reason where I had to choose between my work, my life and my family, as everything is important and giving my 100% to each and every responsibilities is not my cup of tea! Yes, I said that – At least I tell the truth and accept it!

I am a human being, ought to commit mistakes and I am not perfect. That makes me think that I would like to do what I love the most and for any mistakes I will be the sole responsible and have no one to answer. Marriage may not kill my happy life but it will bring a lot of changes, marriage may not tie me up with its responsibilities but it will tie me as someone’s responsibility, marriage may not disrespect my fantasies and dreams but it will add more dreams to my list and which I believe is practically not possible for me.

I have dreams… to fulfil, dreams to live… to live with them forever, I have set my goals and determined to finish them. In the race of walking and living the dream, I do not wish to mess up the marriage and the relations that comes along and hence I would like to be single. Once you read what I am thinking to live along, you will also agree that I do not wish to get married.

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I want to…

– Work hard, so much, so smart and so fast that I want to die only after I live what I love.
– Own a house surrounded by empty green lands with a small shed for horses and a large kennel for my dogs.
– Sit under the tree, or a bench and write whatever that hits the mind, probably a book.
– Earn in millions, so that I can see every corner of the world.
– Spend most of the time in earning money and once I have done enough, would like to share my happiness with animals, with people in old age home and sowing plants.
– Be surrounded by my friends and family and my best friends animals when I die.

You might think I am so money minded it’s not everything in life, but my dear it is everything! Now, tell if I dream of everything above, is it possible for a married woman with the responsibilities of children and husband to establish the dream I live? May be if I marry a rich guy he may do everything above a possible thing in countable hours, but the real fun is when you know you own every bit of it! I may want to adopt children if time allows me to do so. I love my fantasies, no matter how funny they are and I would do anything to live them all! Thus my dream is my priority not the marriage, and I believe it stands true for at the end, I will not regret for not following my heart.

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